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As the groom, setting the right style for you and your groomsmen allows you to make a statement that suits your pack. Whether you’re out to simply compliment the bride’s wedding dress colors or you’ve chosen to boldly match them is a spoken agreement, but style speaks for itself and some of the best tuxedos and suits have everything to do with the type of wedding you’re planning.
If you're not a part of the groomsmen and are simply a guest you'll still want to adhere to the dress code on the wedding invitation. So when you see terms like black tie, black tie optional, formal, dressy casual, casual etc on wedding invitations it's usually a prompt telling you the various dress codes. It's always best stick to the dress code on a wedding invitation. But sometimes it's not always clear as to what to wear to a wedding.
From prim-and-proper black tie weddings to dreamy boho pastorals, rest assured, there’s a suit for every type of nuptial occasion. Even if your big day falls somewhere between formal and casual, Generation Tux rentals offer all your quintessential colors and styles that you’ll more than likely be searching for.

Black-Tie Wedding Attire

Here’s your chance to go all out! Typically these events up the ante and require a tuxedo with fancy lapels and satin trim accents such as the Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo or the Midnight Blue Peak Lapel. With these darker color tuxedos, the safest route is to match them with a lighter color dress shirt. Whether it’s a formal white or not is up to you, but what doesn’t change is the black tie. The black tie dress code is considered to be the pinnacle of the various dress codes. Think cocktail attire, but slightly more proper such as floor length gowns.
One thing you should know before you relinquish another, more neutral option is that gray is in. With over eight shades of gray, one of the most popular colors on GenerationTux, two of these options are tuxedos: The Charcoal Gray Notch Lapel and the Light Gray Notch Lapel. A chic tux that has your style written all over it guarantees big smiles and guests that spend just as much time complimenting you as they will the bride.

Formal Weddings

Taking the formality down a notch with a classic wedding suit could help you and your groomsmen feel modest without compromising that distinguished look. An Iron Gray Suit will give you exactly that, plus plenty of options for choosing your shirt, tie, and lapel pin color.
On the other hand, a timeless and traditional Navy Blue Suit could prove to be just as versatile, helping compliment or contrast the darker hues that are native to this type of wedding and its somewhat less strict dress code. Don’t be hesitant to try on a sleek blue suit such as the Allure Dark Blue, the fifth hue has proven its popularity in the realm of formal wear and is only garnering more acclaim. With seven shades of blue, making it the second most abundant color on GenerationTux, the variations are endless.
For some grooms, popping out to help the bride not seem like a sore thumb might be exactly what’s needed and if so, a Bright Blue Suit could be the next best thing beside the bride’s intricately laced wedding dress.

Beach Wedding Attire

A beach wedding often greets the formal with the casual, marrying the two with a comfortable dress code. Lighter tones such as the Postman Blue or Cement Gray Suits will blend well with the sand and water so that you look and feel as if you’re on cloud nine. Speaking of cloud nine, if you want to stay classy and plan on having a white wedding on the beach, the White Dinner Jacket will definitely help lighten up your day.
With this type of nuptial the wedding location plays a big part in how you dress. You'll want to be comfortable, especially if it's one of those early afternoon summer weddings and you're on the beach. Don't hesitate to swap those dress pants for khaki pants if the dress code is dressy casual.
The lighter the suit the more freedom to wear a darker toned shirt underneath. So if you’re eyeing the sleek Gray Sharkskin Suit or found yourself hooked to the simple, yet sophisticated Light Gray Plaid your options of matching darker tones of the same color are available. Your suit could be as light as a breeze or as powerful as a wave, just make sure you don’t streamline nor compete with the bride’s dress.

Boho Wedding Attire

Then there’s the Boho wedding. Although there’s no standard location for this type, you can expect it to be either outside near a field or farm, in the woods, or sometimes even in a castle. Wherever this wedding is though, you can be sure it’ll feel either rustic, ethereal, or both.
With this in mind, your options on color and style could be a bit more eclectic than usual. A calming and Mystic Blue paired with a lighter shirt provides depth to the earthy tones of nature while also making a bold statement. While not entirely considered a casual wedding this particular wedding style could be semi formal or dressy casual.
Then there’s the impressive and altogether striking Indigo Blue. If you’re out to evoke that ethereal vibe you’ll want to try this lightweight silk and linen blend, not only for its color, but also its comfort. While on the other hand, the Allure Dark Brown and Allure Beige both give off a vintage noir vibe that fits well near a field or the rustic setting of a farm.  
Even the simple yet provocative Black Suit with a patterned shirt that matches in tone the aesthetic of the landscape has the potential to add to the bohemian style of your wedding.

The Nuptial Ties (Neck or Bow Tie)

Choosing to wear either a neck or bow tie could seem fussy, but aside from personal taste the difference could set you apart from your groomsmen. A formal neck-tie gives off a classic vibe, while bow-ties add a dash of refinement (sophistication) to your repertoire.
With over a hundred different color schemes to choose from and even more curated looks, Generation Tux goes above and beyond, complimenting the colors of all your accessories from ties to pins all the way down to your socks and shoes.

To Vest or Not To Vest

Another versatile addition to the groom’s attire is the vest. Depending on the season or wedding style, this sleeveless garment can be either optional or integral, adding another level of formality to the mix. One that allows more movement on the dance floor as well as comfort if and when you want to dress down during the event.
As far as styles go, if you’re hosting a Black-Tie wedding you’ll want to match your vest with the same color as your jacket. But as the dress-code becomes more lax, you’re given the chance to play with the different shades of your suit and vest. Sometimes even being able to use a patterned vest with a solid color suit or vice versa.
Similarly, like the tie, you can use the vest as a way to differentiate between you and your groomsmen. Whether you want a custom look or a curated one, all the suits and tuxedos Generation Tuxoffers comes with a standard list of optional accessories, including vests.

Finding The Perfect Fit

So you’ve decided on what suit to wear? Now you're ready to find the perfect fit! Not only does Generation Tux have both modern and slim fits for all their suits and tuxedos, but they also use a seamless and innovative fit algorithm that can be more accurate than traditional tailoring measurements.
All they need to know is your height, weight, and a few other specifications. No in-depth measurements needed. The beauty of it all lies in the fact that you can do this on your own time in the comfort of your home. That is, Generation Tux is purely online and therefore everything is shipped right to your door.
Looking impeccable is one thing, but feeling great for your entire wedding day is just as essential. That’s why Generation Tux makes most of their suits and Tuxedos with Super 130’s and 140’s Merino wool. They guarantee, not only the best, most comfortable fit, but that you’ll get it fourteen days before the occasion.
To top it off, just so you’re at ease, knowing that everything looks and feels great, they also offer a free Home try-on program for the wedding couple that you can use months before. Discover a style that you never knew suited you with Generation Tux!
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