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Out of all the objects that sparkle under our Sun, none match the radiance quite like a diamond on an engagement ring.  For many, this flashy ice is of the utmost importance. To others, it is simply a part of the package, a nice addition to the love that is shared. Either way, you’ll want to surprise them in the best way possible and the only way to do this properly is to know their preferences.

Where To Start When Searching For The Perfect Ring

Picking the best engagement ring for yourself or your partner is definitely exciting. Whether you include them in the process, as more contemporary couples might opt for, or if you want it to be a complete surprise, we’re here to help clear up some of the main questions that may arise if you haven’t a clue on where to start.

Understanding The Four C’s 

Aside from choosing the right cut and shape of the stone itself, you want to know how the diamond will be set (prong or bezel), as well as the type of shank and shoulders it has. As for the 4C’s (Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut) of diamond grading you won’t want to miss out on a few facts that’ll definitely help you choose the best diamond for your budget. For a more in-depth understanding of diamond grading, check out How to Pick the Perfect Diamond for an Engagement Ring.
The measurement of the diamond’s crown (top) is something a lot of people overlook when choosing the Carat size. Is most of the weight on the pavilion (bottom) or is it up top? This factor helps you pick a diamond that may weigh less, but looks big. Clarity, the fourth C, is the diamond’s cut and dictates how often the diamond scintillates the light.
With both these in mind, a new and innovative technique to cutting diamonds, referred to as Crisscut© and patented by Christopher Designs, cuts diamonds into 77 criss-crossed facets, creating a larger surface area on the crown while also amplifying the diamond’s radiance and clarity. A diamond that adds more sparkle and glow to your life is one thing, but one that appears larger while maintaining a reasonable price is a deal-breaker.
If that wasn’t enough for Christopher Slowinski, the founder of Christopher Designs, he went on to applying this style of cut with many of your typical shapes such as Classic, Asscher, Oval, etc. so that both you and your partner will be mesmerized by the brilliance of the moment when the diamond ring is unveiled and the proposal is given.

The Most Popular Diamond Shapes & Cuts

Round-Shaped Diamonds

By far the most popular diamond cut, round engagement rings have maintained a timeless aesthetic as these sparklers light up even the dimmest of places. With the Crisscut© Original Round that not only spotlights a 2ct diamond cut to perfection, but also a halo of smaller round diamonds in a single stream which flow half way around the finger along a thin, yet classic shank, you’re sure to refract its glimmer off of many eyes.
Or, if the thin shank is just too modest for you or your partner’s elegant taste, consider this other Round Crisscut©. Unlike the former, this one offers a heavier halo of round 2.27cttw diamonds and features a 3 row tapered shank which flows halfway around the finger. With this one, you’re making a statement by using exclamation points that happen to be more diamonds!

Asscher-Shaped Diamonds

Much like the angular designs of Art Deco, the Asscher cut is for someone who wants to maintain a striking appearance. The Asscher Crisscut® diamond is beautifully accented by an additional layer of round diamonds and an outer layer of pristine Crisscut© Baguette diamonds. In a cascading movement, this triple-row graduated shank is both clever and modular in design, making it for someone who’s both prudent, but tasteful.
Perhaps you want the center diamond to be more dominant, a larger 2ct Asscher Crisscut© that offers a vintage bezel and a chic halo design using round .95cttw diamonds, should elate any observer, evoking that retro spirit which lies in all of us. In addition to this, the engagement ring has a triple-side pave shank with diamonds flowing 3/4 around the finger.

Emerald-Shaped Diamonds

Another sleek cut that caters to those who wish to maintain a prominent level of distinction is the Emerald cut. Both regal and classy with a modern twist, this 2ct Emerald Crisscut© design is layered with Crisscut© Tapered Baguette diamonds and smaller round diamonds that continue around 3/4 the way.
If you or you’re one and only are big on angles, yet would like to have some movement and air to the design of the shank then you’d love this 3ct Emerald Crisscut© that raises the stakes as well as the intricacies. The double halo twin row pave design is furnished with 2 Bullet cut side diamonds and all encompassing round diamonds. The diamond shaped shank gives movement to its very angular appearance as we realize, there’s no such thing as being too eloquent (classy).

Oval-Shaped Diamonds

Perfect for those who love the sparkle factor of a round diamond but are also inclined to take an off-beat approach, the L’Amour Crisscut© Oval not only gives you that, but also promises that this trademark cut is up to 35% larger than the generic oval cut. With this promise in mind, the Solitaire Engagement Ring is for someone who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. A minimalist’s true delight, the 1.01ct L’Amour Crisscut© diamond, with a single pave set of smaller round diamonds shows many levels of subtle style while maintaining prudence.
You may have only one shot at getting the perfect engagement ring, but no one said you can’t have three nicely sized stones on it. For those who want to ensure that there’s enough sparkle in their engagement ring, yet prefer a bare shank, this triple stone L’Amour Crisscut© Oval with a 1.62ct center diamond speaks of the comfort in appreciating the luxuries in life. To top it off each stone has an accented halo of smaller round diamonds with soft milgrain edges. This style is for someone who is upfront and doesn’t mind dipping into a crowd with a splash.

Cushion Cut-Shaped Diamonds

You or your loved one may adore the angular emerald cut, yet prefer softness over its inherent sharp angles. If this rings true, then you’re in luck, for your mind may rest on the Cushion cut. Although often compared to a pillow, your eyes may never tire gazing into its many facets, especially with Christopher Designs L’Amour Crisscut©, making this particular cut appear up to 60% larger than its classic counterpart.
Maintaining a vintage, yet modern look may be tricky, but this L’Amour Crisscut© Cushion, combining a .70ct Cushion with two tapered baguette side diamonds as well as a halo of smaller round diamonds makes it look easy.
Otherwise, try on this five stone L’Amour Crisscut Cushion design with .55ct diamonds and a halo of smaller round diamonds surrounding each of the cushions. Wearing this may feel like an entire quintet is performing a dazzling light show on just one of your fingers.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

This cut has the best of both worlds, borrowing the curves of an oval while also resembling a marquise. The Pear cut is a sharp yet well-rounded diamond cut that combines a variety of styles, particularly those who tend to drift toward a more vintage look.
When considering a pear-shaped diamond, notice how a lot of the stones weight lies on its crown (top) and therefore appears larger than it is compared to other cuts; if you’re all about showing off the shape of your engagement ring then the simple yet L’Amour Crisscut© Pear stands out as a balanced, yet individualistic cut.
Sometimes all you need to make a proper statement is a unique shank combined with a simple bezel diamond and that’s exactly what this L’Amour Crisscut© Pear does. With its unique two toned twisted shank and exquisite pear-shaped diamond cut, this particular piece was made for those who go with the flow.

Classic-Shaped Diamonds

To stay classy, you sometimes must adhere to the Classics. The Classic cut, also known as the Princess cut is a tried-and-true style that blends well with anything. Like the rest of Christopher Designs L’Amour Crisscut© line, their L’Amour Crisscut© Classic doesn’t have to be simply classy, but could also bring a particular flare and ambience with its elaborate split shank and rose gold hues, beside the 1.07ct Crisscut© Classic diamond up top.
Aside from tradition, the Classic cut, as well as a few other cuts from Christopher Designs, offers the popular yellow diamond. When Ryan Reynolds proposed to Scarlett Johansson, he offered a solitaire engagement ring with a large yellow diamond. Similarly, with this L’Amour Crisscut© Yellow Diamond, you get that timeless classic look with a split shank alongside a fancy yellow diamond.  Who could ask for anything more elegant?

Now That You've Found The Style, It's Time To Think About The Proposal 

Although there are plenty of people who still love the idea that their partner should get down on one knee and ask if they would love them until death do they part, there are many others who would rather be less traditional and more innovative. Even so, whether it’s as subtle as placing the ring in a glass of Champagne or more extravagant is left to your imagination, it is essential that you know how your partner would want it, so that both of you cherish the memory forever. Here are a few thought starters to get your creative juices flowing!

For The Adventure Couple

For those lucky couples who live near a waterfall or are willing to take a trip somewhere that has one would be keen to take advantage of its splendor. Hint, try to time your proposal with the light for a chance to ask the question as a rainbow or moonbow appears across the cascading waters.

For The Couple That Craves Mystery

If you want to keep things local and a bit more interactive, a love hunt is another unique proposal idea that holds a charm of its own. Hide clues around town that lead them from one destination to the next until they reach the final clue. That’s when you pop the big question.

For The Sentimental Couple 

If you and your partner share close memories to specific locations, experiences, restaurants or locations, think about choosing a space that will not only be emotional but pull at your heart strings. For many couples, these are often the most special engagement experiences because they bring so much more added sentimental value. Trust us when we say, they will remember it for years and years to come!
With the freedom to explore different sizes, including carat weight options, Christopher Designs offers a robust catalog, allowing you to create your unique engagement ring. So whether you’re ready to propose and all that’s left to decide on is the ring or you’re simply flirting with the idea, Christopher Designs will certainly inspire. Check out their Engagement Ring selection now!
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