6 Secrets to Staying Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

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1. Refrain from squeezing yourself into too-tight shape wear

Seriously, it’s not worth it. Yes, you might be able to suck yourself in one more inch, but you’ll be super hot (and not just in the desired sense), you won’t be able to eat as much, and you might even be too uncomfortable to dance. You’ll look gorgeous without it and feel much, much better.

2. Bring a wrap

If there’s even a chance of a cool breeze or low temperatures, make sure you have something—anything!—that you can bundle up in. You don’t want to be cold during your pictures (they always take longer than you think!) or at the end of the night when you’ll want to continue visiting with loved ones. Bring along a wrap or a cute jacket to top off your wedding dress.

3. Save the lingerie for your wedding night

While it might seem cute to wear lingerie under your wedding dress, it’s not worth the discomfort. (Especially if you’re getting married in the summer on a hot day.) Plus, after all that dancing and just generally wearing your pretty underthings, you’ll likely want to change into something fresh (and not sweaty) before your wedding night officially gets under way.

4. Keep yourself unzipped

If you’re wearing a corset top dress, have someone unzip you for the ride to the ceremony, especially if it’s a warm day or you have a long trip. You’ll likely be nervous and sweating more than usual anyway so being all zipped up into your dress might get uncomfortable. Have your MOH re-zip you before you walk down the aisle and once those nerves are gone post-ceremony, you should be all good.

5. Get some air

If the weather’s going to be anything higher than 70 degrees, pack atiny handheld fan in your emergency kit so you can blow air on your legs under your dress, under your arms, on your face and so on, when you need it. Wedding dresses are way hotter than you think.

6. Bring a second pair of shoes

Even if your shoes are comfortable, chances are your wedding dance floor will be wood, and as anyone who’s danced the night away on a wood floor in heels knows, your feel will hurt within the first hour of boogie-ing down. Bring flats (or even slippers with treads) so you can swap out your heels when needed. R
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