7 Ways to Stay Warm in Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses aren't exactly designed with the weather in mind. And while strapless dresses and lightweight fabrics are super popular, they’re also pretty impractical for brides tying the knot in just about any season but summer... If you’re expecting a bit of a chill on your big day, here are seven ideas to help you stay warm.

1. Pick a heavy fabric.

The thicker and heartier the fabric of your dress, the warmer you’ll be—even if it’s a sleeveless gown. Look specifically for brocade, taffeta, satin, or even velvet (but avoid chiffon and organza). A princess gown stuffed with layers and layers of tulle will help keep you toasty, too.\

2. Top it off with faux fur.

A white stole or coat is equal parts romantic, glam, and warm. A tan, brown, or black wrap will add a seriously cozy vibe to your look, too (while keeping you nice and toasty). Photo by DesiresPhoto on Inspired By This via Lover.ly

3. Bring along a wrap or pashmina.

Pick a color that matches your color palette or opt for a cool pattern that complements your big day style, and bundle up as needed. 

4. Go for sleeves.

While strapless dresses may be the most popular, sleeves are making a major comeback! Lace sleeves are delicate and romantic, all while keeping you a little warmer.

5. Wear a coat.

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the best one! A wool pea coat is the perfect preppy pick, a leather jacket is a cool choice for an edgy gal, and a jean jacket is a great option for a rustic bride. Photo by Pat Furey on Magnolia Rouge via Lover.ly

6. Accessorize! 

Who says you can’t wear a scarf or mittens down the aisle or to warm up at the reception? Consider making them your something blue like this bundled up bride. 

7. Sport a cardigan.

This neutral number looks stunning, but how cute would a floral cardi look closer to spring? Be sure to splurge on a luxurious fabric like cashmere to stay extra cozy.
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