What Wedding Dress You Should Wear Based On Your Astrological Sign


For the bold and courageous Aries, this dress from Galia Lahav is a total statement wedding gown.  Aries are very positive in nature, and this stunning dress is nothing short of being both elegant and care-free--featuring a gorgeous flower detail at the waist that is perfect for our Spring babes.


For the loyal and romantic Taurus, this Grace Loves Lace gown is a beautiful sensual twist on the traditional lace wedding dress. The intricate detailing of the train combined with a sexy off the shoulder neckline creates the most gorgeous gown for the Taurus bride.


The well known dual personality traits of the Gemini bride can often lead her to some indecisiveness when it comes to picking her wedding gown, as she may not want to settle with "one look."  This wedding pantsuit with a full skirt from Galia Lahav allows the Gemini to express her creative personas--creating the perfect balance from the seriousness of the pants with the sexy bustier top to the classic feminine look complemented by the ballgown train.


Guided by emotion, the Cancer bride leads with her heart.  That's why this sweetheart neckline from Morilee by Madeline Gardner is the sweetest sentimental gown.  From the elegance created by the hanging shoulder straps, to the romance of the lace detailing, you'll definitely be feeling the love when the Cancer bride walks down the aisle.


Never afraid to stand out, this bold rainbow dress from Watters will have all eyes on our Leo bride! The vibrant colors truly express the energy and optimism of our loyal Leos, and by wearing this dress they will surely be admired by all and most definitely be the spotlight of the wedding!


Virgos are the most practical of the signs, meaning that this bride wants a dress that is memorable, comfortable, and something she can party in all night long! This gorgeous gown by Galia Lahav is the perfect dress for our perfectionist Virgo bride--featuring a removable train making it super easy to dance in, and pockets for snacks, tissues, and anything else you might need!


Ruled by Venus AKA the Planet of Love, our Libra brides need a dress nothing short of romance! This charming gown from Morilee by Madeline Gardner was definitely meant for our charming and extroverted Libra bride, who will look so graceful floating around the party and socializing in this delicate lace and tulle!


A fiery passion burns deep within the Scorpio bride, whose gown needs to match her beautiful intensity.  This gown from Rime Arodaky truly emulates her mystery and seduction.  A plunging deep-V neckline highlights the depth of the Scorpio bride, while the floral sleeve detailing reveals her intense love. Finally, the skirt of the gown is mysteriously veiled, as our Scorpio is known to always hold some secrets.


Adventurous and free-spirited, the Sag bride is not afraid to try something new, and this gown from Grace Loves Lace is definitely adventurous! The petal embroidery truly emulates the high energy and optimism of the Sagittarius bride, while the gold ombré effect of the skirt creates a vibrant dress for the outgoing and enthusiastic personality of the Sagittarius!


Guess what Caps, this dress was made for you---literally! This stunning gown from Watters is called the "Capricorn." The sweet lace paired with the most stunning flower crown (that almost represents the horns of the hardworking Capricorn Goat) is the ultimate look for our ambitious and intelligent Capricorn brides.


Creative and not afraid to stand out, this stand-out dress by Morilee by Madeline Gardner is the absolute show stopper for our independent Aquarius brides! The beading and sparkle of the gown highlights the cheerful and unique personality of the humanitarian Aquarius.


For the gentle and understanding Pisces, this gown from Rime Arodaky feels like it walked out of your dreams and into real life. The romantic detailing and artistic expression of this dress are so elegant you can practically hear it sing- making it the loveliest gown for our romantic and dreamy Pisces brides.