Monique Lhuillier Tells Us What Every Bride Will Be Wearing This Season

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Internationally recognized as the one of the top bridal fashion designers, Monique Lhuillier has dressed countless celebrities and brides over the past 18 years. Each season, Monique develops high fashion bridal, ready-to-wear, shoe, and accessory lines, setting the industry standard and re-defining traditional wedding style. We sat down with Monique to hear about the latest trends in bridal and to find out what every bride will be wearing this season.

Wedding season is here...what will every bride be wearing? 

A gown that celebrates her individual style! I do love the idea of changing into another dress during the reception and I think many brides are opting for trendy shorter hemlines. I have a line of short dresses in signature laces and jacquards for my brides who feel less is more. They are also perfect for the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bridal brunch. 

Any new trends in bridal shoes this season?  

Brides are walking down the aisle in more stylish, fashion-forward silhouettes. In my most recent bridal shoe collection, I designed lace flats for the more free-spirited bride, leather and lace open-toe ankle booties for an edgy bride, and crystal ankle cuff platform sandals for my most glamorous bride. The gown is important, but this subtle expression of style really completes your entire look! 

If a bride is looking for a non-traditional gown or alternative bridal look, what should she wear?  

I think introducing color to a wedding dress can be quite enchanting for a bride who is looking for something non-traditional, and I think blush is the safest way to play with color. It's neutral and looks beautiful on all skin colors. For a more adventurous bride, I experimented with color in my Spring 2015 bridal collection using pastel shades of hydrangea, pistachio, and mist. Color is definitely a way to make a major style statement as a bride! 

You mentioned your Spring 2015 Bridal Collection, which we loved seeing at Bridal Fashion Week. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the line? 

I was inspired by an ethereal daydream. I wanted to showcase my gowns through a tableau vivant, "a living picture," where the gowns looked like they walked out of a portrait. I wanted the gowns to have an ethereal yet real feel: clouds of tulle, silk, satin, organza, and signature Chantilly lace infused with delicate embroidery and intricate beading, creating a dreamy, alluring vision. 

This year, we've seen brides taking cues from the design of their dress to inform the rest of their decor. Do you think this is a trend? 

I think a wedding is a reflection of your personality to your guests, and special attention should be given to every detail...from the stationery to how the table is dressed to what the couple us wearing! His tux, her rehearsal dinner dress, the china, the's all about the details! My personal style embodies three things: effortless elegance, subtle glamour, and luxurious detailing. If you balance all three style qualities, you will have a beautiful cohesive wedding.

We know trends come and go. When a bride is picking out her dress, what's the #1 thing she should consider? 

I encourage my brides to keep an open mind but stick to their gut feelings when they're selecting their dress. Many dresses look one way on a hanger or in a picture, so it's important for a bride to try on a few styles to see which she feels the most comfortable and beautiful in. Many of my brides end up selecting something very different from what they initially expected, so the key is to think outside of the box. 
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