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Bridesmaid style isn't what it used to be and that's a REAL good thing in our book. Gone are the days of lovely ladies wearing the same exact dress (often featuring ruffles and shiny fabric, of course). Now brides are making sure their girls look and feel great on the big day by having their 'maids rock different dresses in styles that fit their bodies AND their personalities. And while we're really loving this mismatched trend, if it's not done right, it can end up looking really disjointed. Here's five tips to make sure you nail it.

1. Choose a color, switch up the styles.

To make sure your girls look good together, don't have too many competing features on display. You need at least one unifying element, so pick a color and then let your 'maids choose their neckline or skirt style. Having too many things going on will just make for a confused ensemble!

2. Pick the perfect palette.

Can't pick just one color? Not a problem. If you find yourself drawn to multiple colors, opt to have your bridesmaids rock dresses in complementary tones. Hone in on a few harmonious hues to keep things looking chic and cohesive, and stick to a blend of just two or three colors so there's not too much going on. If you pick one fabric as the base of your ladies' look, it will help tie the look together.

3. Have fun with fabrics.

Love lace, chiffon, and beads? Then consider having a mix of ALL your favorite fabrics. Just make sure you think about what kind of fabrics will photograph well together. If the texture of each dress' material are too drastically different, they might have a negative impact on your big day photos! So bring a camera with you to the store and make sure you see the dresses together in natural light to see how they play off of each other.

4. Keep the length of the dresses the same.

When you're putting together different colors and fabrics, it can be challenging to create a cohesive look. One way to make sure your 'maids match? Sticking to one length. If your wedding party is wearing dresses with different hem lengths, they might not look like they go together.

5. Don't give your girls too many choices.

Before you bring your bridesmaids to look at dresses, make an appointment to go through all your options. Pick out the dresses and the details (necklines, colors, fabrics) you want to include in your lineup of ladies. Then, let them choose their style from that pre-selected group of dresses. This will definitely help prevent a lot of potential confusion and conflict.