5 Rules for Mixing and Matching Your Bridesmaid Dresses

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Bridesmaid styles aren't what they used to be and that's a REAL good thing in our book. Gone are the days of when bridesmaids were confined to identical dresses, often adorned with ruffles and shiny materials. Now brides are making sure their girls look and feel great on the big day by having their girls rock different dresses in styles that fit their bodies AND their personalities. And while we're really loving this mismatched trend, if it's not done right, it can end up looking really disjointed. To help you navigate this trend successfully, here are five essential tips to ensure you get it just right.

Choose your colors and styles

When it comes to your bridesmaid dresses, achieving a harmonious look is key. If you're finding it difficult to settle on just one color, don't worry – you have options. Opt for dresses in complementary tones that resonate with your wedding theme. To maintain a sense of elegance and cohesiveness, it's wise to focus on two or three harmonious hues rather than overwhelming the visual landscape with too many colors. Once you’re satisfied with your choice of color, allow your bridesmaids to express their individuality by choosing different dress styles. This way, you maintain a cohesive appearance with the common thread of color while avoiding an overwhelming array of competing features. By giving your bridesmaids the freedom to select their preferred necklines or skirt styles within the chosen color palette, you can help strike a balance between uniformity and personal style, ensuring that your bridal party looks both coordinated and confident. Remember, simplicity in design can often lead to a more elegant and visually pleasing ensemble.

Have Fun with Fabrics

Embracing a variety of fabrics for your bridesmaid dresses can add depth and dimension to your bridal party's ensemble, and it allows you to incorporate your favorite textures like lace, chiffon, and beads. However, it's essential to be mindful of how these fabrics interact visually, especially in photographs. While diversity in textures can be visually appealing, excessive contrast in fabric textures might not translate well in wedding photos. To ensure a cohesive and photogenic look, consider bringing a camera to the store and viewing the dresses together in natural light. This way, you can see firsthand how the fabrics interact and ensure they complement each other harmoniously, ensuring your big day photos capture the beauty of your bridal party effortlessly.

Maintain a Consistent Dress Length

Maintaining consistency in dress length is a smart strategy when you're combining various colors and fabrics to achieve a unified bridesmaid ensemble. While diversity can be visually appealing, maintaining a consistent dress length will ensure that your bridal party looks effortlessly coordinated. Differing hem lengths could introduce a disjointed feel to the overall look, making it appear less harmonious. By adhering to a single dress length, you create a sense of balance and cohesiveness within your bridal party that allows individual elements, such as colors and textures, to shine while still presenting a well-put-together group. This approach simplifies the styling process and makes for a more polished and aesthetically pleasing wedding party.

Hone in on Your Bridesmaids' Choices 

Limiting the amount of options your bridesmaids will have in the dress selection process may not sound like a kind way to handle the situation, but it will actually benefit the entire party in the long run. Before your bridesmaids embark on a dress-shopping excursion, take the time to curate a selection of dresses that align with your vision. Choose the specific dresses, along with key details such as necklines, colors, and fabrics, that you'd like to incorporate into your bridal party's look. Then, allow your bridesmaids the freedom to select their preferred style from this pre-approved assortment. This approach strikes a balance between expressing individual preferences and maintaining a cohesive ensemble, while minimizing potential confusion and conflicts. By offering guidance upfront, you empower your bridesmaids to make choices that align with your wedding theme, fostering a harmonious and stress-free dress selection process that ensures everyone looks and feels their best on your special day.

Coordinate Accessories in Advance

Don't forget the finishing touches! Accessory coordination is the key to harmonizing your bridesmaid ensemble. Think about matching elements like shoes, jewelry, and bouquets. Even when there are variations in dress color or style, these carefully curated accessories can work wonders in creating a unified and polished look. Coordinating these finer details ensures that the bridesmaids' individuality is celebrated while still contributing to the overall cohesion and elegance of your bridal party's appearance. It's the small but significant elements that bring everything together, adding that extra touch of sophistication to your big day.
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