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Groomsmen Suit Ideas & Style Advice

Congratulations! You’ve officially chosen your A-List group of best friends and family members to stand by your side as groomsmen on the big day but now it’s time to style them. For many grooms (and brides), choosing the right groomsmen attire is sometimes the hardest part of the wedding planning process and although it can be overwhelming, it’s not nearly as daunting as you would think! From tuxedos, to jackets and pants, to formal groomsmen suits with accessories like vests and pocket squares, there are many details to consider but you first need to know where to start. 

How to Decide on Your Groomsmen's Suits and Tuxes

When deciding what to choose for your groomsmen suits and tuxedos, the main focus should be not only on the group, but on the individual. Considering personal style, timeless colors, and today's trends, is a perfect formula to ensure your groomsmen will look great on your wedding day. And to determine your groomsmen style, we've outlined a few key questions to ask yourself about the overall big day.

What is the overall wedding vibe?

First things first, most weddings will have a theme that most planners will use as they design the entire event. The top trending big day themes are Boho, Rustic, Classic, Whimsical, Romantic, Glamorous, Modern - okay, you get the picture. And while there are many options out there, the best place to determine your own style is to ask your partner to describe the selection they have made for their wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. Once you know that, a good rule of thumb is to match that style with your own groomsmen suits or tuxedos. The more you’ve dialed into the vibe, the easier it will be to match a suit or tuxedo to that theme. 

What season is the wedding?

Weather and season play a big factor, and before you pick out your attire it is key to consider the time of year that you’ll be getting married. Think about it this way, if it’s snowing, you’re less likely to wear a lightweight suit than you would wear a three-piece suit on a hot summer day. The same goes for the temperature, for example you wouldn’t wear a lightweight suit when it’s below zero degrees but you could consider that as an option for a beachfront summer event. Just remember, the time of year of the wedding matters, so make sure you check those details from the get-go to make the most informed decision on your attire. 

Where is the wedding?

Let’s be honest, the wedding venue location will dramatically affect your wedding day style. For example, if the wedding ceremony is being held at an indoor venue during the fall, or outside in the middle of a vineyard at peak golden hour, you’ll want to know so you can pick your outfit accordingly. Location is a huge consideration to take into account and once you’ve established your wedding venue, you’ll be able to determine how many layers to wear, what color options you have available, and how to compliment the overall look and feel of the wedding day. 

How much should you spend on groomsmen suits?

Rather than spending a fortune to purchase a suit or tuxedo you may only wear once, consider renting a high-quality suit or tuxedo for as low as $149. This saves not only your groom but also the groomsmen significant costs on their wedding wear budget. When you are determining what your groomsmen should wear you should consider cost and what they are comfortable paying for!

What should groomsmen wear?

Traditionally grooms and groomsmen wear a tuxedo or a suit and accessories usually coordinated to match or compliment the rest of the wedding party so pay special attention to the bridesmaid dresses. The wedding party look should be cohesively put together so that wedding party photos are a picture perfect pairing of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids standing next to one another. Again, it also depends on the budget that each groomsman has allocated for their groomsmen suit and accessories but there are ways to match the bridesmaid dresses with the groomsmen attire. Pro tip: Rental platforms like Generation Tux are the perfect solution for color coordination and style.

2022 Groomsmen Suit Trends

Now that we’ve established how to answer the basic questions, it’s time to consider the upcoming wedding season trends, while also envisioning how these choices will look in pictures decades from now. From bow ties to pocket squares and full black-tie options, we’ll introduce the top groomsmen suit trends for your dress code. We even break down the best places to shop for a seamless experience. There are plenty of different styles to consider when you begin to shop for your wedding or special occasions.
Are you ready to get suited up? Here are the top 2022 trends you'll want to consider for your groomsmen attire.

The New Classic

When considering a classic suit, think about choosing a suit that you could wear long after you say “I Do”. These are the versatile black and navy suits that harken back to the effortless cool of the 1920’s black tux and look toward the future at the same time. This type of suit is perfect for the couple that wants to achieve a classic or modern vibe without looking stuffy or too out of the box. 
New Classic suits and tuxedos are a mix of tailored clean looks but with a fresh new edge. These suits walk the line between the past and the future, providing your wedding with a timeless aesthetic and can be worn again for other formal occasions. A classic suit can also be dressed up or down with various accessories or layering pieces like a vest, pocket square, or ascot scarf. 
The most popular colors for this trend of groomsmen suit or tuxedo are often in deep blues, earthy dark greens, and eggplant tones that resemble the timeless black of traditional wedding suits while still giving the outfits a subtle nod to the unique fashion of 2022. These rich colors walk the line between playful and serious, which is what 2022 is all about. When wearing this trend, your groomsmen can still have fun and be themselves while still being a part of the larger wedding party. 

Personalized & Polished

A big trend we’re seeing this year is personalized wedding suits and tuxedos for the groom and his groomsmen who want to stand out on the special day. These are the personalized elements of the groomsmen look that not only allow them to flex their individuality but also match the wedding details. Consider the theme or style of the wedding to add your personal style elements like a boho or non-traditional wedding as those details will help determine the type of accessories that you can add to your wedding suit. 
So how does one personalize their wedding suit? A simple place to start is by mixing and matching accessories to add unique styling elements like cufflinks or simply choosing a tailored suit that matches the wedding colors and overall palette. A subtle way to show off personality is by mixing and matching deep, bold colors with unique ties and socks to add a personalized element without competing with the wedding suits.  Consider highlighting your best man by styling them in a special jacket or even a tie with a funky pattern that will be sure to turn heads. Oh, and nothing says personalization like a suit and tie that have the perfect fit, so make sure your groomsmen prioritize tailoring or finding a rental site like Generation Tux that captures all of your personal measurements to send you a suit that fits your correct.

Clean Lines

While retro seems to always be in these days, there are some styles that will probably never have their moment again. Vintage bell bottom suits are likely gone for good, but the clean cuts and slim lines of the early 1900’s are a great choice for a 2022 nuptial. Ideal for romantic weddings, formal affairs, and ballroom nuptials, these angular styles are a modern twist to old-world fashion.
Looking to the future with innovative accessories, there is a return to the classic look of three-piece suits and vintage vests which are perfect for those colder weather weddings. Even if your wedding is in the summer months or at a warm destination, your groom can still add layering pieces with understated button-downs to maintain that timeless look while still being on trend. Slim or straight lines are also in for 2022, highlighting clean cuts and a minimalistic tone. These suits and tuxedos speak volumes without being show stealers. 

Natural Nods

Finding subtle ways to incorporate Natural Nods pulling inspiration from earth tones is something we expect to see in this year. This trend takes a deep appreciation for the planet and transforms it into a functional aesthetic. Focused on earthy color options like nude, sand, or cognac and cocoa, this style screams boho and whimsical and is perfect for any low-key, destination, or outdoor wedding.  
Pairing a light tan, gray or linen suit with natural color tones like sage, orange, neutral wheat or succulents, rather than overdone rose boutonnieres are a great way to double down on this natural trend. The lean toward nature also goes for the suit and tux materials. Groomsmen appreciate quality materials and know that if they choose durable materials, they will be able to wear their suits for so much more than just their friends’ special day.  Don't forget with these color tones that your shoes should also match, try to pair your suit with brown, tan, or caramel colored shoes to compliment the entire look.

Custom Comfort and Where To Shop

While Custom Comfort is a style of its own, it can easily be applied to any of the styles above. This style is all about having a suit or tux that fits like a glove, without compromising on comfort. Luckily, Generation Tux is a one-stop-shop that offers the most up-to-date trends with multiple fit types, that is budget friendly, making it super easy to style your groomsmen. Plus, your groomsmen can rent their look including all of their accessories like shoes, ties, socks, and more which is great for both the environment and their budget. Your groomsmen never have to worry about investing a substantial amount of cash into a suit or tuxedo that will be out of style before the next season.  The Generation Tux collection always features the most up to date groomsman suit trends and all menswear accessories so that your groomsmen are fashionable and polished. 
In addition to specific colors and styles, this is also the year of the perfect fit. It’s all about being comfortable while also having suits that look like they were made for the wearer. Fortunately, there are places that specialize in creating bespoke looks without ever having to leave your house (which is definitely on-brand for 2022). 
Gone are the days of going to a big box warehouse, or even a custom tailor. Instead, get your suit or tuxedo sized to your perfect fit and customized from the comfort of your home with Generation Tux and the wedding couple can also get a Free Home Try-On. Did we mention they also offer free shipping and free returns?
Bonus: If 5 of your groomsmen rent from Generation Tux, the groom’s suit or tuxedo rentals are also free! What are you waiting for? Check out their entire collection here and shop their site.
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