11 Pieces of Timeless Diamond Jewelry That Prove Diamonds Really Are Forever

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Happy Labor Day weekend, Loverlies! Besides an extra day off, we all know that the best part of Labor Day is the sales. Diamond jewelry can be pretty pricey (especially high-quality jewels), so why not take advantage of some Labor Day sales to shop for some new bling?

Where to buy diamond jewelry online?

Let's talk Joie de Viv. It might be enough to say that they are a jewelry company dedicated to making luxury jewelry ethically, but we'll let founder Vivian Weyll speak for herself:
“My collections are inspired by women that didn’t just impact my life, they changed it with acts and pieces of love, kindness, friendship, toughness, and strength My inspiration is to be able to bring to the world some of those things one piece of jewelry at a time. My jewelry is meant to be worn every day because of what it represents - Empowerment. They are beautiful, delicate and meticulously handcrafted and strong just like the women wearing them.”
If you need any more reasons than that to shop, everything on their site is currently 50% off for Labor Day! So check out some of our favorite pieces of their diamond jewelry below and shop your heart out.

1. Gabriela Double Tipped Diamond Ring

A twist on a classic, an open-ended ring is a perfect way to transform a simple piece to a statement one. We love how the diamond accents on both ends create a sense of unity in the ring even in the open style.

2. Amélie Diamond Stud Earrings

The teardrop cut diamonds on these stud earrings are just stunning, and we love the way that the bar in the back makes the diamonds appear to be floating from your earlobes. They're a great way to add just a little bit of sparkle to your day.

3. Aurora Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Band

In case colors are more your thing, the Aurora Rainbow rings are the way to go. This eternity band is vibrant and one-of-a-kind and will certainly be a special addition to any jewelry box.

4. Amélie Diamond Necklace

Your search for a new favorite diamond necklace is over! The looping style of this Amélie piece features beautiful symmetry in both the pendant and the diamond on top. It's a gorgeous find!

5. Olivia Twin Band Diamond Ring

Engagement rings can be stressful to shop for, but we love the idea of an overlapping diamond band like this piece to represent your impending union with your loved one.

6. Aurora Diamond Bracelet

Diamond jewelry doesn't have to just be earrings or rings. We loved the tapered look of the diamonds on this bracelet, and Joie de Viv's customer service team is around to live chat if you have any concerns about sizing.

7. Olivia Bridged Diamond Ring

If you love stackable rings but hate adjusting them, these rings are bridged with beautiful diamonds to keep them in place. You won't find yourself fiddling with them because of the perfect fit!

8. Florence Diamond Earrings

Who said studs can't sparkle? These diamond studs are truly a sign of good taste and are a way to bring something new to an old favorite.

9. Gabriela Apex Diamond Ring

For almost all the pieces on Joie de Viv's site, there are white, yellow, and rose gold bands, but we love this modern angled look from the Gabriela collection in the rose gold especially!

10. Olivia Diamond Hoop Necklace

Jewelry with diamonds doesn't have to be overly flashy. This simple hoop necklace is sure to catch everyone's eye with its perfectly placed diamond accent.

11. Aurora Diamond Drop Earrings

We think these stunning drop earrings are perfect for a wedding (either as a bride or a guest). We'll take them in every style, please!
We know you only deserve the best, that's why we only partner with brands we trust and love! This article is sponsored and may contain some affiliate links.
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