6 Reasons You Should Totally Trade in the Bridesmaid Dresses for Jumpsuits

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We love bridesmaids in delightful dresses and we probably always will. But this wedding season, we're looking forward to seeing lovely ladies don daring options, like jumpsuits! Sure, we know not everyone rocks this chic look on the regular, but everyone can pull it off. So if the bride-to-be has asked you to wear pants on her big day and you're feeling a little hesitant, here are six standout reasons to say "yes" to jumpsuits! Photo by: Kelsey Combe Photography

1. You can get DOWN on the dance floor.

Dresses look cute, but they're not the most practical things to dance in. Long dresses get trampled on while short dresses make certain moves seem VERY risky. With a jumpsuit, you can move every which way and not worry about someone stepping on your gown or getting a glimpse of something they're not supposed to see. Want to teach everyone how to dougie? Go ahead. Want to do get down real low during "Shout"? Let's just say...a little bit softer now. Pants can be oh-so-liberating when it comes time to hit the dance floor.

2. You don't have to worry about flashing anyone.

As a bridesmaid, your duty is to help the bride do whatever it is she needs you to do, whether it's putting on her shoes or picking up her train as she goes down the stairs. And while a short dress might result in some awkward crotch shots, jumpsuits definitely won't. They'll keep you covered no matter what the bride throws your way.

3. You can discreetly change into flats.

We love the way heels look in pictures (and the mirror), but after a few hours of posing for the camera, running around helping with last minute needs, and possibly standing through the ceremony, you're going to be thankful you packed some flats. And one of our favorite reasons to rock a wide-legged jumpsuit is that when you take off the pumps, nobody will be able to tell; the pant legs will cover your shoes!

4. You don't have to shave your legs.

We get it; shaving can be a hassle sometimes. And um, no one is going to see those bad boys all day if you're wearing pants. So save yourself some time on the morning of the wedding and just slip on a jumpsuit. Another thing you don't have to worry about with pants? Turning those legs into bronzed works of art. You can skip the tanning salon and just focus on how your upper body looks.

5. You can actually wear it again.

Sure, we've all been in a bridal party where the bride goes on and on about how she picked a dress that you'll want to re-wear. But have you ever actually put one on for a round two? A jumpsuit is so on point right now (celebs are loving them), so you're guaranteed to find some excuse to bring that bad boy out again, whether it's for date night or dinner with dear old mom and dad.

6. They have POCKETS!

Who doesn't love things with pockets? You can put everything from lipstick (touchups are totally necessary throughout the night) to snacks (hey, it's a long day...) in there. Rocking a jumpsuit isn't just a pretty option for bridesmaids, it's also a super practical one, too!
Kellee Khalil
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