How to Style Your Groom with The Perfect Fit for Every Wedding Event

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Finding well fitted, coordinated outfits for your groom and groomsmen can be quite challenging the closer you get to the wedding day. With limited resources and time, finalizing an outfit that every member of your wedding party can look and feel great in for each wedding event can quickly become a stressful task. However, through this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of choosing the best styles and colors to fit any wedding event no matter the season or dress code.

When is the Best Time to Start Shopping

As with many things in life, it’s always better to be ahead of schedule than to be late. Brides tend to start shopping for their wedding dress well in advance with consideration for the time it takes to make alterations. Although some grooms may believe this to be unnecessary when renting or purchasing a suit, considering costs or the possibility of not fitting into their suit by the time the wedding rolls around, the same rule applies. Find the Right Style Without the Hassle
More and more people are relying on online shopping to help them put together the right look for their big day. However, it can be overwhelming to buy suits online only to discover, after they’ve been delivered, that the fit isn’t right or that the color scheme doesn’t look the way you thought it would. Fortunately, one of the most highly recommended online suit and tuxedo rental companies, Generation Tux, has made it easier for couples to style and fit their groom and groomsmen  with their innovative fit technology. This allows you to find your suit or tuxedo fit from the comfort of your own home. Just answer a few questions to complete your easy online fitting and you’re ready to go. Additionally, the wedding couple receives a free Home Try-On, allowing them to test drive looks before finalizing them. Choosing the Right Style
Social media has played a major role in showcasing the most popular styles for any aesthetic. Whether you aspire to curate a sleek, modern look or go for a more traditional style, there are plenty of resources to help you find inspiration. However, social media can sometimes fall short in presenting all the necessary information that goes into building a look that’s not only appropriate for the season and the venue, but also adheres to the dress code.
Here are some things you’ll want to consider when choosing the right styles for your groom and groomsmen for each wedding event.

Rehearsal Dinner Attire

It’s only natural that all of the soon-to-be bride and groom’s attention will be geared towards the wedding which means it’s easy to forget about your outfits for the rehearsal dinner. These outfits certainly don’t have to be extravagant, but you still need to keep a few details in mind.
Formal – Tuxedos are the most stylish options for all events following a formal dress code. Whether you go with a black, gray or blue tuxedo, your partner’s outfit is sure to be eye-catching. For high-end rehearsal dinners, a black shawl lapel tuxedo will bring an elegant element to the outfit. Tuxedos with a peak lapel are better suited for formal rehearsal dinners where the attire is meant to be a little less glamorous and more on the sophisticated side. Peak lapel tuxedos work best for formal dress codes that are a step up from semi-formal attire without being too over the top. When styling any tuxedo, you’ll want to ensure that the color and style suit your groom’s complexion and physique. Stick to solid colors for the dress shirt and accessories and pair with black patent leather shoes.
Semi-Formal – Semi-formal attire is typically the standard dress code for rehearsal dinners. Think country clubs, lounges, hotels, etc. and what outfits you’d want your partner and guests to wear to one of these venues. In the warmer months, you can opt for brighter colors such as blue, tan or brown. Ideally, the color of the suit you choose for your groom should complement your own outfit. A classic white dress shirt will go well with any choice of suit, but if you want to add a bit more color to their look, you can instead add a light blue or black dress shirt. For all formal instances, black or brown leather dress shoes are the best option to tie the look together. During the colder months, blue or navy suits are great options for semi-formal cocktail attire especially if you’re leaning away from a traditional black suit. These styles can be paired with a blue plaid or white dress shirt underneath. Adding fun, colorful socks is a great way to add a little personality to the final look.
Casual – When it comes to having a casual rehearsal dinner, it’s imperative that you make your expectations known in regards to the attire. The word “casual” can easily fool some into thinking they have the green light to show up in jeans and a t-shirt, unless told otherwise. If your dress code is “almost casual,” a suit vest and dress pants can be a great look to help your groom-to-be stand out of the crowd. There is also much more freedom when accessorizing a casual look and the laxer nature of this particular dress code can even allow for your groom and groomsmen to swap out their dress shoes for some classic white sneakers.

Wedding Day Attire

The groom and groomsmen outfits for the big day are undoubtedly the most important outfits they’ll wear out of all the wedding events. This is the time for their outfits to be well-tailored and well-fitted. Before jumping into the process of building and customizing their final looks, let’s break down some key elements to have top of mind.
Suit or Tuxedo?  – When trying to determine whether your groom will be sporting a suit or tuxedo, you’ll need to take into consideration the venue, the time of day at which the wedding ceremony will take place, the season and most importantly, your wishes. For more upscale venues, opting for a tuxedo or a white suit jacket will be the best options. Venues that cater for semi-formal or cocktail attire will require a suit at the very least, but tuxedos are still completely acceptable. If you’re having a beach wedding or a more casual outdoor wedding that takes place during the summer, your best bet may be to lean towards suits.
Colors and Materials – Choosing colors and materials for your groom and groomsmen doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, there are some simple ways to narrow down your options considerably. When it comes to color, the general rule of thumb is that darker color suits are worn for evening weddings as well as during the colder seasons, and lighter color suits are worn during the day as well as during warmer seasons. Keep in mind that tuxedos are considered evening wear, but the color choices are entirely up to you. If your wedding follows a black-tie dress code then black tuxedos or white dinner jackets are most appropriate.
When choosing outfits for your groom and groomsmen, you don’t have to stick with matching outfits. As fashion trends have changed, it’s now more common to have the groomsmen wear different colors from the groom and even from one another. If you decide to have the groomsmen go this route, establishing a color palette is a great way to keep the color scheme cohesive without having anyone’s outfit drawing attention away from you and your groom. Generation Tux offers free swatches to ensure you create a cohesive color palette for your big day!
With these important details in mind, you can now go ahead and have fun building the perfect wedding look for your wedding party. Utilizing Generation Tux’s Home-Try On program is, again, the most efficient way to get your groom and your groomsmen in the best, well-coordinated outfits. As one of the most affordable options, they offer a free tux rental for the wedding couple with 5 paid members in their wedding party. If 7 members are wearing Generation Tux, the wedding couple gets to keep their look! 

Reception/After Party Attire

Even after the ceremony concludes, the night is far from over. Maintaining a well-put together look is still important during the reception and after party as this is where most of your pictures, professional and otherwise, will be taken. Brides typically change into another outfit between the wedding and reception and now grooms are following suit. For a black-tie wedding, swapping out the groom’s tuxedo for a white dinner jacket is a great way to maintain formality while offering a different look for additional photo-ops. For semi-formal weddings, a change in accessories or an entirely new outfit in a different color can help shift his energy for a more fun and easy-going reception. When it comes to casual weddings, some grooms and groomsmen will often wear their dress shirts with a suit vest or suspenders to achieve a more relaxed look.
The after party is the perfect time for your groom and groomsmen to put the suit jackets aside no matter the formality. Their well-tailored outfits should still afford them all the comfort and style they need to look great for pictures and feel comfortable for the night’s activities.
As you begin planning the details of your wedding and deciding upon the outfits you’ll want the members of your wedding party to wear from the rehearsal dinner to the after party, this guide can better help you understand how to create the most seamless and cohesive looks for any season or dress code. With Generation Tux’s customizable rentals, you can visualize the finalized looks before you have the suit or tux in hand. Their streamlined process from customization, to doorstep, to altar will make styling your groom and groomsmen the most effortless task on your to-do list. 
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