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If the bride gives you free reign to choose your own hairstyle, take advantage of having a pro stylist at your fingertips and pick a look you've always wanted to wear but can't execute on your own. Maybe it's a fishtail braid, finger waves, or even just those luscious Kate Middleton curls.


Go bold! Again, your bride will have to be open to personalization, but if it's OK with her, choose accessories that really reflect your personal style. If you're more boho-chic in your everyday life but find yourself in a strapless satin number, try on a pair of feathered earrings or a leaf motif necklace. You could even try a belt or chunky metal cuff with your dress and see if it works for you. The right accessories can transform any bridesmaid dress.

Lipstick's founder and CEO Kellee rocks a bold pink lip pretty much everywhere she goes, so if she were a bridesmaid it would be totally "her" to wear her signature shade while standing up for her pal. If you have a bold, go-to lip color or just want to try out the look for your friend's wedding, ask your makeup artist to doll you up with a punchy shade. Then go ahead and pout for the camera!


Even if your bride has given you guidelines about what shoes to wear, you have a lot of wiggle room to choose a style that suits your personality. If she's asked for "anything nude," wear a chunky-heeled sandal or a pair of chic flats instead of the usual pumps or peep-toed heels.


We're not saying you should go out and get a tattoo just because you're a bridesmaid (we're definitely not suggesting that!) but we do think that if you have tattoos (and your bride is comfortable with the idea!), you should feel free to show them off. Got ink on your shoulders or upper back? Wear an updo so your body art is visible to all! 
Kellee Khalil
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Kellee Khalil is the Founder & CEO of Loverly. She lives in upstate NY with her fiancé and two dogs.
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