5 Engagement Ring Trends We’re Predicting for 2023-24

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There are usually two types of people at the beginning of the new year: the “never miss a Monday crowd” and the “new year, same me” advocates. But no matter what group you’re a part of, what day of the Whole30 you’re on, or how many eye rolls you’ve had since being back at the office, we can all agree on one thing: avoiding work to look at engagement rings is a universal interest. The trends of 2023 and 2024 are a delightful mix, inspired by the celebrities and influencers that are perfect for every love story. So let's dive in....

 East-West Settings

The East-West setting, where the gemstone is set horizontally rather than the traditional vertical setting, is gaining popularity. This orientation offers a fresh, modern twist to classic ring designs, making them stand out with a touch of uniqueness and contemporary elegance.
James Allen
Emerald Cut Diamond East West Engagement Ring
Lab-Created 1.11 Carat E-VVS2 Emerald Cut Diamond East West Knife Edge Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

Colored Gemstones

Diamonds are timeless, but colored gemstones are making a significant mark in the engagement ring space. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other vibrant stones are being chosen for their distinctiveness and the personalized touch they add to the ring, each color telling its own tale of love.
James Allen
18K White Gold Oval Halo Emerald And Diamond Ring
Celebrate a classic look with this stunning ring featuring an oval emerald surrounded by a halo of glistening diamonds. The unique prong setting of the diamond halo lends a vintage feel to this chic piece that will instantly upgrade any look.

Sustainable Diamond Choices

Ethical and eco-friendly options are more sought after than ever. Lab-grown diamonds fit perfectly into this category, offering the same brilliance as mined diamonds but with a smaller environmental footprint. Couples are increasingly considering the ethical implications of their choices, opting for rings that align with their values.
Lab-grown diamonds might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but they arereally real—and seriously gorgeous! Lab-grown diamonds are “chemically, physically, and optically” identical to mined diamonds. That’s right, no matter which type of diamond you choose for your ring, no one will be able to tell the difference, because the only difference is where they were formed.  So what exactly does that mean? Pretty much a lab-created diamond is “grown” inside a lab using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process, meaning it is exactly the same as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface. Unless, of course, you looked at the price tag. Because lab-grown diamonds can cost up to 40% less than naturally occurring diamonds!
That's why more couples are opting for alternative engagement ring stones. Trust us, that’s a lot more money to spend on a honeymoon for the exact same level of glamour on your finger! Think about it, wouldn’t you rather spend an extra week with your love at the beach with a beautiful ring on your finger...we sure would!
James Allen
Lab-Created 1.75 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
This stunning engagement ring features a 1.75-carat lab-created diamond with an oval cut, boasting E color and VS1 clarity. It's beautifully accented with a pavé halo and additional diamonds along the shank, creating a dazzling and elegant design that captures attention.

Unique Bands

The band is no longer just a supporting act. From thick, bold cigar bands to delicate, intricately designed thin bands, there’s a move towards making a statement with the band. The diversity in designs allows couples to express their individuality and style distinctly.
James Allen
14K Yellow Gold Sleek Accent Diamond Ring
This stunning high polished rounded, classic ring features diamonds that are placed and spaced elegantly to achieve a simple and sleek look.

Elongated Stones

Elongated stones are celebrated for their ability to accentuate the fingers, lending them a slender and graceful appearance. The meticulous craftsmanship involved in cutting these stones ensures that they catch and reflect light in a manner that amplifies their brilliance. Every facet is a dance of light, every sparkle a testament to a love that’s meant to shine bright against the tapestry of time. The best part? Elongated stones look great in many cuts including oval, marquise, and pear shapes, and cushion cut. The elongated shape allows for a larger surface area, enhancing the stone’s brilliance, making it appear a lot bigger than its carat weight.
James Allen
1.50 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
This engagement ring showcases a 1.50-carat marquise-cut diamond with a G color and I1 clarity, set in a classic solitaire design. Crafted in white gold with a 2.5mm comfort fit band, it combines timeless simplicity with refined elegance.

 Multiple Large Stones

Multiple large stones on rings are gaining popularity, moving beyond the classic solitaire design. This style, featuring either a three-stone setting or a cluster of gems, is appreciated for its bold aesthetic and the ability to represent different aspects or stages of a relationship. It’s a straightforward yet powerful way to symbolize a couple’s journey together, making it a popular choice for those looking to combine visual appeal with meaningful symbolism. 
James Allen
14K White Gold 1.61 Carat Diamond Three Stone Ring
This stunning engagement ring features two beautifully matched round brilliant diamonds as an accent to the exquisite center gemstone of your choice. All three stones are set in a wire basket with a slightly rounded, airline shank.
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