10 Groomsmen Styles Tailored for Your Wedding

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Styling your groom and groomsmen for the big day doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, in fact, it can be quite fun for everyone involved. Whether you know exactly what kind of looks you want to achieve or you’re just beginning the process of narrowing down your options, there are some key elements to consider that can make it easier to choose the right styles for your groom and wedding party. Although the groom and his party don’t typically have as many options as brides and bridesmaids do when it comes to customizing all the finer details of their outfits, there are plenty of great options to choose from when building the perfect look while still leaving room to let their personalities shine through.
One of our personal favorite online suit and tuxedo rental companies, Generation Tux , strives to give grooms and groomsmen the ability to easily customize their looks from head to toe so they can look and feel great on the big day. But before you start testing out their free swatches and trying on your customized outfit at home, here are some key style tips you’ll want to keep in mind before putting it all together. 


One of the biggest factors to take into account when choosing the groom and groomsmen’s final looks is seasonality. Not only does this impact the type of fabric you may want the suits or tuxedos to be, but the colors you choose will also greatly be determined by the season. During the colder months, you’ll want warmer fabrics like wool fiber and dark colored suits or tuxedos, as well as accessories. During the warmer months, you can still go for wool fiber suits or tuxedos as they tend to be the standard for formal wedding attire, however, you can also consider other fabrics like linen. For those who aren’t particularly crazy about the linen look, Generation Tux includes Coolmax® moisture wicking breathable fabric into their suits and tuxedos to help men feel cool and comfortable.


When trying to determine whether your groom will be sporting a suit or tuxedo, you’ll need to take into consideration the venue where your wedding will take place. For upscale venues that are black tie worthy, opting for a tuxedo will be the best option. Venues that typically cater for semi-formal or cocktail attire will be the best places to wear a suit – although there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a tuxedo for the big day. If you’re having a casual or outdoor wedding, light colored suits or tuxedos may be the right choice for your groom and groomsmen. Outdoor weddings set in the evening or in the colder months would call for darker tones like navy, brown or even gray.


Formality is the most important detail to consider when choosing attire for the wedding. Usually, formality is already pre-determined by your venue. Upscale venues tend to require formal attire whereas venues that can cater to semi-formal or casual leave the dress code entirely up to you. Ultimately, you and your groom-to-be will make the final decision on the outfit requirements for the wedding party and guests.
With these details in mind, let’s further break down some of the most to least formal styles you can find through Generation Tux.

Spring/Summer Styles

Summertime is wedding season, which means outdoor weddings are at their peak. Tan is one of the best seasonally appropriate colors that will look great on just about anyone. A tan suit paired with a white dress shirt, brown leather shoes and belt, and a muted coral tie and pocket square is a great staple look for casual or summer weddings.
Blue is a favorite among grooms and groomsmen who love a pop of color. Blues of lighter or deeper tones work well in any season and with any level of formality. They’re especially great for weddings taking place during the warmer months as well as for semi-formal or casual dress codes. They also offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to styling the finer details. Whether it be Generation Tux’s Indigo Blue Suit, Bright Blue Suit or Mystic Blue Suit, neutral accessories will be your best friend followed up with a classic brown or black dress shoe. For that extra touch of personality, your groom or groomsmen can opt out of wearing the matching suit vest for their suit of choice and instead go for a lighter color or patterned suit vest instead.
Light gray suits make the perfect wedding day attire for spring/summer weddings. Not only are they chic and modern, but they can easily be dressed up for semi-formal weddings or dressed down for a more casual wedding. One of our favorite ways to style a light gray suit is by pairing it with a soft petal pink tie and pocket square, floral patterned socks with brown leather shoes and belt. Light colors make for the best accessories and accents when it comes to building a stylish look for a gray suit.
Wearing white on your wedding day is just as permissible for your groom as it is for you. A white dinner jacket is a clean and stylish option for a black-tie wedding. If you’re keen on having your groom in a dark tux on the big day, and aren’t too bothered by the wedding party wearing white, having the groomsmen wear white dinner jackets can complement the groom’s outfit. Whether it be for the groom or groomsmen, styling a white dinner jacket can be quite simple. Pair the jacket with a white twill dress shirt and all black accessories. This means a black bow tie, pocket square, cufflinks, suspenders, and patent leather shoes.
Spring and summer are usually the months when we throw dark colors back in the closet and pull out the color, and the same applies for men’s wedding attire. Colors like charcoal gray. mystic blue, midnight blue, and light gray can elevate your groom and groomsmen’s styles for a wedding of any dress code. When it comes to styling a tuxedo of any color, it’s best to keep the color scheme consistent and add additional colors through the bow tie, pocket square, socks and cummerbund.  
Generation Tux
British Tan Suit
Generation Tux
Postman Blue Suit
Generation Tux
Gray Sharkskin Suit
Generation Tux
White Dinner Jacket
Generation Tux
Mystic Blue Edge Notch Lapel Tuxedo

Autumn/Winter Styles

Occasionally overlooked, but far from underwhelming is the timeless plaid suit. Plaid is a great option for autumn weddings with a semi-formal or casual dress code. Generation Tux’s light gray plaid suit is one of our favorites as it's both a stylish option for a dapper groom-to-be. This particular outfit pairs beautifully with any color tie and pocket square, but looks best with neutral tones. If you’re looking to build an autumnal look, try pairing this suit with brown leather dress shoes, a brown tie, the merlot tie and pocket square, and the sangria and steel blue gray socks.
No matter the season, location, formality, or time of day, blues always seem to steal the show when it comes to wedding attire. However, for weddings taking place in the colder months, darker blues are going to be your friend. Slate blue, Midnight blue and navy are the perfect colored suits to wear to semi-formal and casual weddings. These darker tones pair well with brown or black leather shoes and look sleek with any accent colors. For weddings in this particular season, try leaning towards dark reds, wine, or dark blues. 
We just can’t seem to get enough of gray, and with good reason. Charcoal gray is an iconic suit color perfect for winter weddings that have either a formal or semi-formal dress code. A charcoal gray suit looks best with cooler tone accent colors such as teal, light blues and grays. However, your choice of color will always work with this suit. Although it’s a no brainer to pair black shoes and belts with dark gray, brown leather shoes and belts pair nicely as well.
Dark brown is the perfect color for autumn and winter weddings. It complements just about any skin tone and adds a touch of warmth to cozy evening weddings. If dark browns are your thing, then the Allure dark brown suit might be what you’re looking for. To further enhance the warm tone of the suit, you can build the look with brown leather shoes, a brown tie, tan formal socks, and the harvest gold tie and pocket square.
Whether you have a black-tie, formal or semi-formal dress code in place for your wedding, you can never go wrong with a classic black tuxedo. When it comes to styling this tux for your groom or groomsmen, there unfortunately isn’t much room for personal flair if your goal is to keep the outfit looking sharp and classy. A standard white shirt with all black accessories and shoes is most appropriate for achieving a classic look. However, do keep in mind which lapel style will best suit your groom and groomsmen amongst your options of the black notch lapel, black peak lapel or black shawl lapel tuxedos.
Generation Tux
Light Gray Plaid Suit
Generation Tux
Mystic Blue Suit
Generation Tux
Iron Gray Suit
Generation Tux
Allure Dark Brown Suit
Generation Tux
Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo
With all the inevitable stress surrounding your wedding day prep, let the process of styling your groom and groomsmen bring you some much needed fun and ease. Finding the perfect colorways, styles, and fits for your wedding party can be done in one sitting through Generation Tux’s customizable suit and tuxedos service that not only allows you to build the perfect look for your groom and groomsmen, but also offers a free rental with five paid members in your wedding party.. The wedding couple can even keep their rental if 7 members choose to wear Generation Tux on your wedding day. If you’re a bride who values convenience and quality, then you’ll want to start customizing the perfect groomsmen styles with Generation Tux.
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