How To Create the BEST Wedding Registry…

We’ll let you in on a little secret… We consider wedding registering one of our favorite parts of wedding planning! It’s not because we’re shopaholics, (well, let’s be honest… maybe we are, just a little) but because the wedding registry says so much about you and your new sweetheart and is a symbol of the next step into your bliss. It also could be one of the less stressful parts of wedding planning because it requires just a little bit of prep-work (a conversation and inventory of your current household items) and a scanner gun. Let the fun begin!

Timing is Everything!

The sooner you register, the better. You want the link and information to reside on your wedding website and in the invites; so when your guests get all of the information at once, they’ll know when they can start shopping. Also, when you have the registry available sooner, your guests will truly appreciate the lead time and who knows, maybe the gift will arrive before the big day! 

Look for Perks

We know you’re being mindful of guests’ budgets, so researching perks for the registry is the most considerate gesture. Look for completion discounts, perks, and benefits (and include that information on the website) when they’re about to check out.

Choose at Least 3 Registry Sites

While it can be convenient to pick one spot for a registry, it’s better to pick at least 3. This way, your guests can see all the different options and pick what they think is the best gift for you. Plus, it’s rare to find all the items you want from one store, anyway. 


Don’t designate this task to just yourself or to your partner-- make this a let’s-do-it-together project. After taking inventory of the current items you have, both of you can brainstorm what else you may need and what would be nice to have for your future lives moving forward.  

Register for MORE than you Need

That’s right! When you register for MORE than you need, it gives your guests a wide variety of options to choose from. Your guests are most likely going to want to gift you something that they know you’ll really love and use. And by providing all kinds of different gift options, the less stressful and anxiety-inducing it will be for them. 

Make it Personal

Throw in items that are personal for you and your partner. Your friends and family may know you more than you think that they do, but there’s always room to learn more!

Put it on your Wedding Website, Save-the-Dates, Invites

It’s pretty common to overlook this, so we’re going to kindly remind you. Don’t forget to add the link to your registry information on your invitations, save-the-dates, and wedding website. Your guests are going to consistently refer back to these resources to get prepped for your big day and having it on these mediums will make their lives easier (as well as yours!). 

Creating Your Perfect Wedding Registry Starts Here

Finding the perfect wedding registry or creating a bridal registry and storing everything you need to start your life together is not only exciting, but fun!  And don’t forget, sending thanks to your guests as soon as you can shows how much you appreciate and value their gift and friendship. The possibilities are endless!      
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