Jackie Aina Gets Engaged to Denis Asamoah and We Couldn’t Be More Excited!

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Our favorite youtube star, Jackie Aina is engaged and we are screaming! This is the caption Jackie Aina choose while she showing off her new engagement ring to the world (literally). For her 32nd birthday, well-known beauty influencer and YouTube personality Jackie Aina received a surprise gift: a wedding proposal from her long-time partner, and now fiance, Denis Asamoah.
They spent nearly the entire month of August traveling around the globe, documenting their travels on their lifestyle vlog Denis and Jackie — where they hopped around from Vancouver to NYC to Italy and eventually on a private jet to Greece where Denis planned to pop the question.
Those of us who are a part of her 3.1 million subscriber-wide Jackie Aina family know just how much Denis and Jackie love each other and couldn’t be more excited for them to start — or continue — their lives together. And, for those that aren’t that familiar with Jackie and Denis...that beautiful marquise-cut diamond ring should show his love for her enough (just kidding).
But, in all seriousness, it was an absolutely beautiful moment for Jackie and Denis and we’re grateful that they decided to share it with the world for us to enjoy as well. And, to top it all off, Denis documented his proposal (and Jackie’s tearful acceptance) in a video for their joint YouTube channel. Thank you Denis! Let’s watch it here.
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