Carlson Young Dishes on Her Engagement, Her DIY Nightmares and Which of Her Cast Mates Is Total MOH Material

Your invitations, your way.
Even though we're psyched about the first week of Spring, it might as well be Memorial Day Weekend over here, because all of us are DYING for MTV's "Scream" to #slay our Tuesday night TV schedule again. Until then, we'll just soak up every new teaser of the scary second installment and replay all of Season 1's haunting memories. We mean, really, RIP Will Belmont. That was a ROUGH way to go. Before the death bells toll on May 31st, we're hearing wedding bells for one of the show's scene-stealing starlets. We caught up with Carlson Young, who plays Brooke Maddox, the "friendlier" one in Lakewood's oh-so-popular OG #girlsquad. The bubbly blonde said, "YES" to Foster the People's Isom Innis just a few months ago in Iceland, and we obviously had to discuss all of the adorable details. Check out our interview for all the things!
Danielle: So, National Proposal Day JUST happened, and we're all about a good how-he-asked story. How did it go down for you, was it awesome?
Carlson: If you're looking for a good proposal story, mine takes the [wedding] cake. It happened in Iceland in January and the whole thing was mind blowing. To rewind a bit, there were so many things we could do everyday while we were there, but I wanted to go dogsledding in the worst way. Unfortunately, we didn't realize that the excursion was literally booked solid for over a year... In any case, one day we rented a car and decided to go out on our own expedition. In Iceland, there's only about 3 1/2 hours worth of daylight, so we adventured on for a while before it started getting dark and pretty treacherous. As if that wasn't scary enough, we hit a snowbank and got totally stuck without service and only our headlights for sight. We also couldn't stay outside for any more than 5-10 minutes at a time because the temps were -10. So, as reception failed and we couldn't make contact with any emergency aid, we both kind of activated survival mode.
Thankfully, after about an hour we were able to reach someone long enough to bark out our coordinates. Help arrived just as the sun started coming out, and when we started feeling safe again we went outside just to look at the splendor that was surrounding us. To our right, we came across a cliff that we would have plummeted from if we had ventured too far hours before. Scary, right? Anyway, it was then that I started geeking out. I pulled up LOTR movie shots of Mordor and started playing the soundtrack, turning to my now-fiancé to say "babe, it's Mordor!" Minutes later he brought me back to reality and proposed and it was unbelievable. He said the original plan was to do it under the Northern Lights, while dogsledding, but this was so much more apropo.
Danielle: That proposal is KILLER. Of course, it'd have to happen like that for an on-screen scream queen. Okay, so now that you're a few months into planning, is there anything in particular that keeps you up a night?
Carlson: It's all really exciting to us, and we can't wait! So, honestly I think the only really scary thing is navigating our schedules. We're both super busy, so picking out THE DAY is tough with full calendars ahead of us. We think we've landed on April of 2017. We hit our first bump in the road when we had to rearrange a few things to accommodate a wedding in the Episcopal Church that I grew up going to. Our April nuptials will be during Lent, so we just had to work out logistics a bit to make sure we kept everything on target.
Danielle: What is the BEST and WORST wedding advice you've gotten thus far?
Carlson: One of the actresses on set with me actually just got married, so she gave me her old wedding planning book and a ton of great advice to go along with it. I appreciate it SO much, and am so lucky to use her as a sort of she's-been-there-done-that soundboard. I've learned that a lot of wedding prep involves DIY - and I wouldn't say I'm dreading it, but kind of... I was never one for crafting or a skilled scrapbooker; don't really have the patience for it, so we'll see how that unfolds. I hope I can pick things up as the planning goes on. Definitely wish me luck!
Danielle: So, Brooke has a rep for being Lakewood's resident "mean girl." When it comes to your wedding, would you say you'll take a cue from her as a BRIDEZILLA?
Carlson: Hmm. Yes and no. I don't think I'd ever go total bridezilla on my friends, but I might with my mom. She's been the biggest help with all of this planning, and I cannot thank her enough, but if there's anyone who I'd feel most comfortable freaking out on, it'd probably be her. So sorry mom. They say you hurt the ones you love most, right?
Danielle: Wait... we need to talk about your fiancé, Isom. If you could compare him to any character on the show with you, who would it be - Jake, Mr. Branson, Noah, Kieran? Mix of all of them, maybe?
Carlson: Isom's probably most like Noah. He's a bit on the quirkier side, and obsessed with music just like Noah is obsessed with serial killers. When he's in the zone, in the studio, he can go 13-14 hours with total. laser. focus. I love his passion.
Danielle: And we LOVE Noah. Fave. Okay, so are there any wedding traditions that you'd like to "kill off?" Completely #nojudgement here, too. At Loverly, we're all about embracing tradition AND breaking the rules.
Carlson: Oh, wow, that's a really good question - I'll probably email you later with some that I've thought of :). But yeah, honestly I haven't pushed back on many traditions. I think I'll be honoring both traditions and trends at my wedding. We're planning on having a funky, kind of bohemian-style rehearsal dinner, but our wedding will be much more traditional: 8PM on Saturday evening, entirely candlelit and so pretty.
Danielle: So. Big question. Who's your "wedding stress savior?"
Carlson: Well, my mom, of course. She and my planner have everything under control, and I'm beyond grateful. But when things get a little too chaotic and hard-to-handle, I call Isom and he definitely talks me off the ledge. He's my voice of reason and he can always calm me down.
Danielle: Your cat is TOO cute - we follow him on Insta (@francisthekat)! Going to guess you're PRO animals at weddings. Do you think he'll be making an appearance at yours? 
Carlson: Ha, ha. He is so cute. I haven't thought about how he'll be involved, but I'm absolutely not discounting it! At the very least, he'll post something on Instagram to share with his fans.
Danielle: What about your man's band? Will the FTP guys be an opening act for your wedding?
Carlson: Actually, all of the guys are groomsmen, so I'd definitely like if they played at least one song! Over the years, I've seen them play so many times, and love them - so I think our guests would absolutely love it! Our families are stacked with great performers. My dad is a musician, and his dad was in a famous country band in the 1980s. So, our entertainment game is strong!
Congratulations, Carlson! We're so excited for your wedding and can't wait to see you back in action on May 31st.
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