8 Ways Watching "Game of Thrones" Is Kind of Like Planning a Wedding

Well, Thrones fans, season six has come to an end and, like you, we're questioning how we're possibly going to wait another year for more episodes of our fave show...


Not only was this one of the best seasons so far, but we got everything we wanted out of that finale. (YAS Arya, YAS Jon, YAS Daenerys!) So, in our GOT-absent hysteria, we started thinking. Planning a wedding is very similar to watching "Game of Thrones." Here's why: 1. There are so many highs and lows. You're happy, then you're fist pumping alone on your couch, then you're literally sobbing. giphy 2. It's hard not to binge. Watching a whole season of Thrones in one night is basically the same as endless perusing of wedding blogs and inspiration sites. Don't forget the glass (or bottle) of wine before you're lost to the world. giphy-2 3. You get super invested in the people. Finding out your ideal vendor is already booked gives you the same feeling as your favorite character getting brutally killed OUT OF NOWHERE! giphy-1 4. Deciding on a wedding date is like pledging allegiance to a house.  House Stark, Winter, House Lannister, House Tyrell, Spring, it's all the same. giphy-3 5. It's hard to determine who (or what!) you like more. Choosing between chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream is basically akin to deciding whether you love Jon or Daenerys more. giphy-6 6. You never know what unforeseen battles will arise. Having an vendor cancel last minute feels the same as having some random dude capture Winterfell. giphy-5 7. There are so many storylines to follow and so many questions that need to be answered. Ugh, which city are they in again? Who is this character? I have to make a wedding timeline? What's an escort card? giphy-7 8. You're super depressed when it's over. How else will you occupy your time without "Game of Thrones" or planning the biggest day of your life? giphy-8 All GIFs via Giphy Love fantasy and sci-fi? We've got you covered: 13 Out of This World Star Wars-Inspired Details Straight From Instagram 10 Awesomely Adorkable Quotes Fit for Your Wedding 8 Great ‘Star Wars’ Wedding Ideas from Real Weddings Got a tough wedding question? Download the Loverly app to chat FREE with one of our virtual wedding planners and choose from affordable planning packages.