The 10 Worst Beauty Rituals to Try Right Before Your Wedding

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Of course you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, who wouldn't? You've scanned the latest salons for top-of-the-line facials, waxes, peels - and you think "when is a better time than now?" But before you jump the gun on that laser treatment, we have some tips to keep you from looking like a beauty-school drop out on your big day.
 1. Tanning.
We get it, you want to have a healthy glow. But too many brides hit the self tanner (or, worse—damaging and dangerous tanning beds) right before their wedding and end up streaky, orange, or sunburned. Not exactly camera-ready. To avoid looking like Tan Mom in front of your real mom, we suggest visiting a pro for your spray tan, and doing a practice run a month before the big day. If you plan to DIY the self-tanner, start slowly a few weeks out, giving the color time to settle, and any potential mistakes to wash away. 
2. Facials/microdermabrasion/chemical peels.
There's something so soothing about the thought of a facial, and every bride deserves to pamper herself in preparation for the festivities. But brides beware: facials, peels, and other salon treatments can actually aggravate the skin before improving it. Who could forget bee-keeper Samantha Jones on "Sex and the City"? Give your skin some space in the days before your wedding, and quit these spa treatments for a few weeks before the wedding. 
3. A new 'do. 
With the excitement and anticipation of the main event, brides may feel tempted to up the ante on their appearance, and try that hairstyle they've been eying for so long. But two weeks before your wedding may not be the best time to go a shade darker or try bangs for the first time. Most of us need some time to get used to a new look, and when the photographer arrives - you could find your one time experiment immortalized forever.
4. Waxing. 
Similar to the other "don'ts" on this list, waxing is best left to the professionals, and best performed well before the wedding day. An eyebrow mishap could leave you with a quizzical look, and other areas could end up with red bumps, burns, or irritation that will be painful (and difficult to cover with make-up). Best to plan this service at least a week before your wedding.
 5. Popping pimples. 
We would think that this one would be a no-brainer, but sometimes you just can't resist. Rarely does any good come from picking at a pimple, and unless you want your skin to appear red and swollen, remember the Beatles song "Let it Be," and leave that bad boy to heal on its own. 
6. Teeth Whitening. 
A dazzling white smile is a wonderful focal point for photographs, but this is another procedure that needs to be taken care of well in advance. Often associated with strong bleaches and blinding lights, it's no wonder that a simple whitening treatment can leave a bride's smile looking more like a grimace. If you don't want to wince when you take your first bite of wedding cake, give your pearly whites at least two weeks to recover from this one.
7. Botox. 
Sure, many brides would like to stop the clock for a day, but Botox has long and lasting effects that sometimes don't show up until a week after the procedure. If you're planning to undergo the procedure, have it done at least once before the big day, and have your final treatment a month or in advance. 
8. Juice cleanses. 
Between cake tastings, wine tastings, and celebratory dinners, it's not uncommon to put on a few pounds when planning. Just remember that crash diets are not doctor-recommended, and can leave you feeling jittery, irritable, and weak as your wedding approaches. You've got enough on mind; don't add hunger to the mix.
 9. Body wraps. 
The latest craze in the beauty biz, this treatment promises inches lost and pounds shed. We're here to call their bluff. While they are absolutely relaxing and can be good for bloating (in a pinch), these treatments do little more than dehydrate. A better idea is to eat a well-balanced diet and remain active before the wedding. Last-minute fixes like this one are mostly hype. 
10. Aggressive exercise. 
Ramping up your exercise routine in an effort to lose a few pounds can result in cramping, muscle fatigue, or—worse—injury. You want to be able to walk down the aisle without limping and lift your arms to embrace your beloved without wincing in pain. 
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