6 Winter Wedding Beauty Looks You’ll Love

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You’ve thought of plenty of ways to keep warm (both yourself and your guests) at your winter wedding, brainstormed deliciously toasty cocktails and planned the perfect menu — you’re not quite done yet! Have you considered how the season could inspire your big-day beauty? For a look that perfectly fits the cool temps and romantic scenery, steal some ideas from these winter-ready beauty trends.
1. Light pink lips. 
Subtle pinks usually come to mind in the spring, but this romantic look is equally lovely for winter! A light but bold color pops against white backgrounds and details.
2. Shimmery smokey eyes. 
A super dark smokey eye can seem heavy in the softness of winter, but that doesn't mean you can't do a smokey eye at all! Simply swap out the deep hues for sparkly pinks and purples and do some major blending. It's whimsical and dramatic at the same time.
3. Dark nails. 
Want your mani (and your ring) to make a statement? Stray from the standard French manicure or pale polish in favor of a navy blue or even black color. It's unexpected, especially in contrast with delicate details at a swanky winter soiree.
4. Dense pastel shadow. 
We know what you're thinking: Pastel? In the winter? Yep! To make it look winter-ready (and not like you're just anxious for spring), pair a light shadow with darker lips, bold liner, and plenty of wintery accessories.
5. Matte makeup. 
We've been talking a lot about sparkly details, but freshly fallen snow is shimmery enough on its own. Instead, go for a matte look! Add dramatic eye makeup to make sure it's not understated. 
6. Berry red lips. 
This classic look may seem like a given, but that's because it's just so darn gorgeous. You can't go wrong with a deep red lip! Test out a few shades to make sure you find the perfect hue for your skin tone. While these looks are great to winter, beauty doesn't follow the rules of the season! If there's a traditionally "summer" beauty look you love, nobody said you can't use it in the dead of winter; if you're planning a spring wedding, you can still use these stunning looks for inspiration. 
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