Wedding Photo Hair & Makeup... Yes There's a Difference!

Being a bride can feel a lot like being a famous celebrity for a day: You'll have your glam squad, a gorgeous gown, your entourage of bridesmaids who prep you and make sure everything follows through smoothly, and paparazzi to follow you wherever you go (by paparazzi we mean, the wedding photographer). While your photographer captures you at every moment and every angle, it's imperative that your hair & makeup look is on point at all times. Owner of Page Beauty, Tanya Bures tells us, "There’s such a fine line between real-life makeup and photo-ready makeup, it can easily go askew and one can overwhelm (or underwhelm) the other." Luckily for us, we're hearing first hand from Tanya and a couple of other glam experts on how to achieve the perfect hair & makeup look that'll translate beautifully across every Instagram-worthy shot!
Photography: Jeanni Dunagan Photography
1. What’s key is to allow the skin to look like actual, real skin by prepping with the right skincare for her skin type, and by applying foundation in a way that binds the makeup as closely as possible. I use a combination of my fingers and a sponge so the foundation is seamless, texture-free, and looks even in person and in photos. Another trick is to bring definition to the eyes and lashes. This doesn’t always require eyeliner, in fact, I often skip eyeliner altogether if the bride wants a soft, romantic look. I won’t, however, skip the opportunity to define the eyes with customized individual lashes. In-person and in photos, you can’t miss the joy in the bride’s eyes! Finally, we always recommend keeping your makeup artist on hand to make sure you’re picture-perfect during photos and in real life. Your photographer will be looking at so many details within each frame, and having your artist standing by to add gloss, bronzer, powder, etc. is invaluable when you look at your photos years from now.” - Tanya Bures, Owner, Page Beauty 2. “First thing to mention when getting your makeup done for anything where a professional photographer is involved is to know that you will lose about 25% of dimension to the look, but do not fear! This just means that you need to add a little bit more coverage and definition to the finished look. A great way to see how the look is translating is to ask the photographer to take a quick pic to see how everything is translating on camera. It's a quick easy way to see what is happening and your artist can adjust from there if needed!” – Amanda Tomczak & Carissa TomczackVeiled Vanity Artistry
Photography: Lauren Scotti Photography
3. “My second tip is for someone who is dreaming of that glowy highlighted skin look. Skip out on a super shimmery powdered highlighter. Start from the skincare application using an oil and then adding layers of glow using liquid & creamy products. The powders can create a thing in the makeup world called a “hot spot” which is never good. If you're using a powder, use something that has a finish that gives a more skin-like finish rather than something with glitter or shimmer. I promise you will thank me once you get your photos back. As a hair and makeup team, we want to create a timeless look that you will love 50 years from now when you're sitting and looking back.” – Amanda Tomczak & Carissa TomczackVeiled Vanity Artistry
Photography: Tara Deaton Photography
4. “Let’s talk hair for your big day! I cannot press this enough but as laid back as you say you are it's so important to try out your stylist before your big day. Carissa our resident hair expert recommends both a hair and makeup trial so that way you can not only get acquainted with one another but so you can feel confident with your wedding day glam. Spending a few hours together to go over details with your look will get all the questions out of the way as well so you can sit back, hang with your bridal party, and enjoy just getting pampered your big day! Generally, a travel size hair spray and a travel-size comb are good to have in your purse throughout your big day! Depending on where you are getting married and weather conditions if you are not having your stylist come along for touch-ups these are a good go-to.” – Amanda Tomczak & Carissa TomczackVeiled Vanity Artistry