5 Expert Pre-Wedding Hair Care Tips for Keeping Your Locks Luscious

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For many of us, getting wedding-worthy hair is a major pre-big day beauty to-do. Taking care of your mane is a great way to ensure a fab hair day for your nuptials and it will give you more choices as far as style goes. (Damaged hair is pretty much destined for an up-do.)
To help you get your tresses in tip-top shape,  we asked Jamielynn De Leon, founder and lead stylist at NYC-based Rogue House Salon, for her best tips for hair protection—and to share insight that most brides-to-be never think of when it comes to maintaining lustrous locks. Bonus: If you adopt these hair care habits for your wedding, you can use them for the rest of your life!

1. Don't shampoo with formulas containing sulfates and/or salts. 

Many common shampoos use sulfates and salts in their formulas, these are extremely harsh on your hair.  Be sure to choose a sulfate-free, salt-free formula for extra gentle cleansing that won’t rough up the cuticle or strip hair of its natural oils," she explains. "If you color treat your hair, be sure to look for sulfate-free, salt-free formula designed exclusively for color-treated hair. " She recommends his line, which utilizes a blend of seven sulfate-free, salt-free surfactants for super gentle cleansing and also provides some heat protection. 

2. Always use a comb on wet hair. 

Did you know that hair is seriously weaker when wet? When you're prepping your locks for your wedding, never brush your hair when you get out of the shower—always use a wide-tooth comb and spritz on some detangler or leave in conditioner to prevent breakage. This way, you'll have fewer flyaways. 

3. Watch your hair tie usage. 

"Hair elastics place stress on the hair fiber and cuticle, which weaken hair and can cause breakage," DeLeon explains. Therefore, it's important to switch up your style from the standard ponytail or bun. "Incorporate braids, wear your hair down, and be cognizant of not putting a hairband in the same place day-after-day," she says. 

4. Never forgo heat protection. 

Heat styling can fry your hair, leaving it frazzled, dry, damaged, and broken over time.  "It is imperative to create a protective barrier from heat by using a leave-in styling or conditioning product with color and heat protection every time you heat style," says, to protect the cuticle.

5. Never forgo sun protection. 

Yes, that's right, the sun can do damage to your hair as well as your skin—especially if you color your locks. We suggest looking for products (serums, oils, or sprays) that contain full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. And don't forget to wear a hat! 
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