12 Big Day Beauty Hacks to Have Up Your Sleeve

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1. Use cold spoons to fight under-eye puffiness. 
Had a little too much to drink last night? Pop two spoons in the freezer for a few minutes, then press them under your eyes for about 60 seconds to reduce swelling by constricting the blood vessels. 
2. Hairspray your bobby pins before putting them in your hair. 
Have your hairstylist lay out all the bobby pins on a paper towel, then douse with hairspray. Once the bobby pins dry, they'll have a sticky coating on them that will help hold hair longer. 
3. Hide a few extra Q-Tips in your bouquet.
 Tuck a few of those bad boys in between your blooms just in case you need to do a quick makeup touchup before heading down the aisle. 
4. Apply concealer under your lipstick to make it last longer. 
Prior to applying the lipstick and/or gloss, coat your lips in concealer. This will help the color stick to your lips through kisses and champagne! 
5. Use hairspray to lock in makeup. 
While you're giving your hair one last spray, quickly (and not too closely!) spray your face with the hairspray as well. It will take about 5 seconds to dry, but will lock in your makeup for the day. 
6. Apply clear deodorant to your heels to prevent blisters. 
When the deodorant dries, it will form a protective barrier between your skin and the shoe, helping to reduce the friction that causes blisters. 
7. Spray the bows on your dress with hairspray to keep them in place. 
If the bow on your wedding dress keeps coming undone, give it a quick spray with hairspray. Coat the bow until it's damp, then hold it in the correct position until it hardens. We promise, it will stay in place throughout the night! 
8. Use hand cream to tame hair fly-aways throughout the day. 
Have one piece of hair that keeps sticking up? Put a little hand cream on your hands, rub together, and then slightly graze over the fly-away piece of hair. Be careful not to put too much cream in your hands or else your hair will start to look greasy! 
9. Keep a baby wipe or two on hand for stains. 
Baby wipes are our go-to for stain removal. They take off everything from makeup to sweat stains. 
10. Use coffee filters as last-minute oil blotters. 
The quality of coffee filters is similar to that of an oil remover. If your face is looking a little shiny, give it a blot with a coffee filter. (Your venue or caterer will probably have one on hand!) 
11. Use lipstick as a cream blush for touchups. 
If you want to keep that dewy glow going all night, but don't want to bring your blush, give your cheeks a swipe with lipstick. Make sure to rub it in well! 
12. Use a contact case to store small amounts of makeup.
 Instead of carting your foundation, cream blush, or moisturizer around with you on the big day, squeeze a single-use amount into the closed compartments of a contact case. The case is small to carry around and won't leak in your bag!
Alexia Conley
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