The Ultimate Bridal Boot Camp - Week 1

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Get wedding ready with this 6 week workout series designed just for brides! No equipment or gym needed - just yourself, some focus and a lot of determination to move that body! The series is broken down week by week into specific categories. Get comfortable with the first week before moving on to the next and then the next. By the sixth week, you will have a great toolbox of set exercises and an idea for how to plan them into each day of your week. Stay consistent and be ready to see results in your whole body! Let's get started. Week 1 - Foundational Exercises These 5 foundational exercises are the perfect way to “prime” your body. Simple, yet effective - they are meant as a way to prepare, restore, center and set the body for foundational strength. From here is where all over movements build. Foundational exercises are incredibly important in any workout plan and they can be done twice a day - morning and night. Move slow. Work with your breath and feel your body working. The idea is to wake the body up and get connected. Meet Your Trainer Kristina Fejes is a certified health coach and elite pilates instructor based in Los Angeles, California. As a bride herself and having worked with clients of all kinds, from pro athletes to mama warriors and top business executives, Kristina has a savvy expertise in the wellness world. Follow her on Instagram to get more tips.  She'll be back weekly dishing her best fitness tips to help you feel and look your best!

1Pelvic Curl

  ultimate bridal bootcamp Photography by Kelly McDaniel Photography Start on back with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Inhale to prepare. Exhale tuck pelvis (by pulling hips back towards the shoulders) and lift pelvis up. Think of articulating from the spine picking one vertebra up at a time to the ceiling. You want your body from shoulders to knees in one straight line. Avoid thrusting the ribs. Inhale at the top. Exhale roll back down to a neutral pelvis (your relaxed starting position). This exercise works to release your lower back and wakes up the abdominals and hamstrings.  Do 5-8 reps.

2Single Leg Roll Backs

  bridal bootcamp Begin in a seated position with left leg straight and the right leg bent in towards chest. Grab the right shin and use that force to sit tall through the top of your head. Inhale to sit taller. Exhale scoop through the abdominals and roll yourself back towards the floor. Keep balanced and use resistance by holding on to the right shin. Try not to fall back. Keep core control and avoid shrugging the shoulders up to your ears. Inhale to hold back scooping in deeper through the belly. Exhale to pull yourself back up to a seated tall position. This exercise lengthens your waist and works the deep core. Do 5-8 reps with the right leg then switch to the left.

3Cat Stretch

  ultimate bridal bootcamp ultimate bridal bootcamp Photography by Kelly McDaniel Photography Begin on all fours with hands directly under shoulders and knees directly under hips. Inhale to prepare in this neutral position. Exhale scoop through the belly and round your back up to the ceiling. Avoid hiking shoulders up. Tuck your tailbone under and feel activation through the lower abdominals. Inhale to extend your upper spine forward by pulling shoulders down your back, top of the head reaching towards the ceiling, and chest pulling through the arms. Exhale to scoop back into the abdominals, rounding your back, and dropping your head. This exercise is a great way to get your spine moving and begin waking up the abdominals, body stabilizers and back extensors. Repeat the sequence 5-8 times.

4Quadruped Balance

  bridal bootcmp ultimate bridal bootcampBegin on all fours with hands directly under shoulders and knees directly under hips. Inhale to reach the right arm forward with palm facing in and the left leg back reaching all the way through the toes. Keep the torso very still. From full extension and without dropping, exhale to take the right arm and left leg out to the sides at a diagonal angle. Hold for a full breath. Feel the stability. Inhale bring the arm and leg back to the straight position. Exhale bring arm and leg back to neutral start position. Alternate sides. This exercise works everything from your core, shoulder and head stabilizers, arms, hamstrings, and glutes. Do a total of 8-10 reps.

5Spine Twist

ultimate bridal bootcamp, kristina fejes Seated with legs straight in front. Feet flexed back. Sit as tall as possible above hips (may bend the knees slightly here). Reach arms out to a T position keeping them in line with shoulders. Inhale to prepare. Exhale twist to the right for two pulses. Inhale return to center. Exhale twist to the left for two pulses. Stay above hips the whole time and twist tall. Try not to collapse. This exercise works your core, especially the obliques, in the seated position. Do a total of 10 reps (5 to each side).

6Basic Swan

  ultimate bridal bootcamp, kristina fejes ultimate bridal bootcamp, kristina fejesStart lying down on stomach with legs pointing back through toes, hands directly under shoulders, elbows toward ceiling, and head reaching long from the top of the head. Inhale to lift through the top of your head and pull chest forward away from the floor. Keep shoulders pulling down back and neck long through the movement. This exercise works your upper back and sub scapular muscles. Exhale return to start. Do 5-8 reps.  
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