5 Makeup Products You NEED for your Wedding Day

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No matter how picture-perfect you look when you walk out the door to go say "I do," you're going to need a touch-up at some point in the day. Happy tears mean smudged eyeliner and kisses from grandma mean faded lipstick. And chances are your makeup artist won't be around for any wedding day emergencies, so it's best to bring some backups. Here are the 5 makeup essentials that are absolutely necessary to have on hand throughout your wedding day. Keep these must-haves close, and you'll be a blushing bride all day long!  

1. Long-Wear Lipstick: 

In order to keep your lips kissable and photo-ready all day long, be sure to have a long-lasting lipstick nearby. While you want some sheen and creaminess to it, you don’t want any stickiness (your new spouse will thank you!), so be strategic in which lipstick you choose. A fantastic option is Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Lip Color. This lipstick is used by professional makeup artists and lasts for hours while keeping your pout soft, creamy, and hydrated!

2. Blotting Paper: 

These guys are LIFESAVERS! Whether you’re tearing up the dance floor or exchanging vows on a hot summer day, come to your reception prepared to battle sweat. Dab the blotting paper on your face anywhere you have excessive oil or sweat and it will pick it up without messing up your makeup! They can be bought in packs of tiny booklets that typically come with 20 to 50 sheets, so you’re easily covered all day. Purchase these at any makeup boutique or at the drugstore down the street.

3. Skin Highlighter: 

Bring this product out when you need to refresh your bridal glow. Use your fingertips to lightly apply the highlighter—dabbing it, not brushing it on—along your cheekbones as needed. Manna Kadar Cosmetics’ sheer glow shimmer lotion or Benefit’s High Beam are both excellent options!

4. Makeup Setting Spray: 

This will help set your makeup so that it doesn’t move, smudge, or fade! Plus many of them will hydrate your skin and give you a dewy-fresh face. Be sure to apply this after your makeup is finished being applied by your makeup artist, and then keep it on hand for any necessary touch-ups! Several setting sprays we love are Dior’s ‘Diorskin Airflash’ Spray Foundation, Clarins’ Fix’ Make-Up Refreshing Mist, and Skyn Iceland’s Arctic Face Mist.

5. Perfume Pen: 

You’re going to be on the move all day, so make sure to pack a little perfume pick-me-up in your day-of kit to help keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh until the last dance. So many perfumes now come in a compact rollerball pen for easy application and easy transportation. Purchase your favorite scent in this tiny to-go size, and carry it with you everywhere!
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