25 Hairstyles for Natural Hair Black Brides

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Black brides can get overwhelmed choosing a natural hair wedding style because it's easy to get used to styling our hair one way. Fret not! Whether you want an edgy, elegant, or quirky hair look for your wedding day, these styles will have you covered if you don't know how to upgrade your everyday natural hairstyle. 

Faux French Braid Up-Do

Although this up-do looks complicated, and you may be worried about your hair unraveling, using braiding hair to form the faux-French braids will take the stress out of this unique style. 

Twisted Faux Hawk Up-Do With No Braids

Who says mohawks can't look elegant? A little edge control and braiding hair can create a mohawk that any bride can pull off. 

Two Strand Flat Twist Mohawk

If you're allergic to synthetic or human braiding hair, you can still achieve a mohawk style without adding additional hair. Just make sure that you don't braid your natural hair too tight in the name of a sleek braided look.

10-Minute Up-Do With Clip-Ins

Not all brides can spend hours getting their hair done, but you don't have to forsake an elegant up-do if you're short on time. Add natural hair clip-ins for extra volume. 

Micro Braid Up-Do on Wavy Hair

If your hair is on the thinner side or your texture doesn't work well with heavy braids, micro braids are perfect for bridal up-dos. 

Flat Twist Up-Do on Short Hair

There's often a misconception that you have to add extra hair to execute up-dos, but this flat twist up-do looks beautiful on short natural hair. 

Flat Twist Up-Do Using Marley Hair

If you have short hair and do want to add a little more volume to your flat twist up-do, you can use Marley hair to mimic your natural hair texture.

Halo/Crown Braid Using Braiding Hair

If you want a fuller-looking halo/crown braid, blow out your natural texture and use braiding hair to create this look. You can also add pearls throughout the braid to make the hairstyle stand out even more. 

Asymmetrical Twisted Crown Braid on Natural Hair

Crown braids can scare the best of us because there's a lot of manipulation, but this style will be easy on your edges. 

Twisted Crown Up-Do

This twisted crown looks intricate and fit for a queen, but it's super simple to execute. 

Chunky Flat Twist Up-Do

Chunky flat twists are a go-to hairstyle for us natural girls, so add flowers for a wedding upgrade.  

Curly Pixie Cut

Molding a curly pixie cut takes practice, but the key is patience and foaming lotion

Twisted Afro Puff

To elevate this look from your everyday hairstyle, add an intricate headband or barrette to your puff. 

Side Swept Puff

For brides that want a big and bold style, curly, pin-up puffs will give you the volume that you crave on your wedding day.  

Sectioned Padding Up-do Using Braiding Hair

This intricate hairstyle will dazzle your wedding guests.

Low Bun Using Braiding Hair and a Hair Bun

Elevating a simple low bun with a donut hair bun will give any bride that regal, classic look. 

Messy Puff With Bangs

Creating the illusion of bangs will save you from chopping your hair, and they'll add a lot of texture to this messy puff style.  

Bantu Twist Out on Pressed Hair

Twist-outs are a clutch hairstyle for naturals, but if you press your hair out before creating your Bantu twist out, your hair's texture will look different from your typical style. 

Goddess Braid Space Buns

This look is for the quirky bride that wants to bring space vibes to Earth.

Heat Free Curls Using Flexi-Rods

Don't want to add heat to your hair? Flexi-Rods will give you that barrel curl hair definition without you ever having to use heat. 

Crochet Hair Up-Do

If you want to protect your natural hair from up-do manipulation, crochet hair will save your hair while still giving you the elegant up-do that you crave. 

Kinky Perm Textured Ponytail

If your blown-out hair texture matches a kinky perm texture, you can still pull off a ponytail.

Kinky Curly Ponytail

This style is for the brides that want to show off their curls and prefer not to blow out their natural texture. 

Jumbo Braid Ponytail Using Braiding Hair

When in doubt, a sleek braided ponytail always gets the job done. 

Finger Coils for Defined Hair

Finger coils may take a bit of time to style, but the result gives super defined hair. 
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