How to Make Sure Your Groom is Well Groomed on the Big Day

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Does your beau rock some fabulous facial hair? If so, he's probably wondering how to style his beard or mustache for the big day — you're not the only one with beauty needs, after all! Luckily, we recently sat down with Jason Schneidman of The Men's Groomer to get the scoop on big day beards. Jason is an expert on all things man hair, having worked with celebrities like Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad," the ridiculously good-looking Rob Lowe, and everyone's favorite action hero, Liam Neeson. So before you both decide it might be best for your groom to just go bare-faced, here's some expert advice for ensuring his face is oh-so-kissable for the wedding. 
If a groom's got a beard, how can he neaten it up for the big day? 
Go over the beard with a trimmer on the day of. I'd say stick to a number two or three attachment, but you could even go down to a number one to make sure there are no stragglers or any random hairs sticking out. I'm not big on doing neck trimming or making any clear-cut lines. Use some beard butter or a little bit of beard oil to make your hair shine and smell good on the day of the wedding. 
What advice do you have for bare-faced grooms who want to grow a little facial hair for the wedding? 
I would say to grow out your hair starting about 10 days out from the wedding. Random number right? Well, during the hockey playoffs, there was a "study" that showed that most women thought 10 days worth of growth was the most desirable length for men's hair facial. So random! But good to know.
So, what can men do to soften their beards (you know, so they're kissable on the big day)? 
Luckily, in this day and age, we have access to some great men's grooming products. My favorite go-tos are beard softeners, like beard butter add beard oils. Beard oil is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent. Apply it right after you get out of the shower for the best results. 
How can men get the cleanest shave on their wedding day? 
To get a clean shave on your wedding day, make sure you have an expert shave kit like Dove Men’s Plus Care, which offers a three-step shaving kit. Use a shaving cream for your skin type (normal, dry, oily, or combination) and a post-shave balm to keep your face hydrated and to help minimize any burning and irritation. 
How can grooms make sure their hair is looking healthy?
What steps can they take at home? For starters, make sure you're shampooing with the right shampoo. You want to work with your hair type because dirty, greasy hair is difficult to work with. You also want to allow for some amount of natural oils to build up, so make sure you wait a day without shampooing or conditioning. If you have fine hair, every couple of days is fine, but every three or four days is better for thick and coarse hair. Also, make sure you're using the right styling products. 
How far out from the wedding should a groom get his last haircut?
 I would say the perfect time to get your haircut before the wedding is either a couple days or a week before. If you're just getting the same old haircut, a few days is fine. But if you're switching things up a bit, you want to give yourself some time to get familiar with it, and have time to decide if you need to make tweaks. 
What are your thoughts on men coloring their hair to cover up those grays before the big day? 
Those photos are going to be forever and, even though normally I'm not a big fan of men's hair coloring, there are ways of masking any unwanted grays. I like hair stains because it doesn't look like complete shoe polish. Another non-permanent grooming trick? Mascara, but there are actually some products out there, like temporary grooming colors, that wash off with a little soap and water. My advice is to just keep it natural, and don't over do it. 
What’s your favorite style for winter grooms? How about those summer boys? 
For winter grooms, I always like guys with a little more hair. But what's most important is that effortless, cool, timeless hair — the looks that aren't too trendy or overly traditional — so you'll be able to look back on those photos and just be like "Yeah, I looked good." Summer looks are usually shorter, and you can find ways of keeping those cuts also looking stylish. 
Any other grooming advice you've got for guys leading up to the big day? 
I think guys should definitely manscape: check your ear hairs, eyebrow hairs, nose hairs, and check your skin tone. Keep your skin moisturized, but not too shiny. Any men's hairstyling trends that grooms might want to embrace in 2015? I think 2015's going to be all about the guys with longer hair — those messy, grown out, grungy, leading man looks. They can be styled as man buns, in curls, waves, and more. 
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