5 Bride-to-Be Beauty Tricks You Should Borrow from the Pros

Your invitations, your way.
Wait! Before you wear the same ol' tried-and-true makeup to your engagement shoot or shower, here are a couple of easy tricks that you can totally steal to step up your beauty game. We're not talking about super time-consuming face contouring or a seven-step smokey eye. These simple steps will add a little something special to your look for all those events leading up to the "I dos" when you might not have help from a pro. Here are five quick tips that will elevate your look while making sure you still look like your beautiful self.
1. Try tight-lining.
This is a pro trick that makeup artists have been using for ages! It’s perfect for defining the eye and giving a more voluminous lash line. When done correctly, it will give the appearance that you’re not wearing top liner at all. The trick is to use a waterproof kohl eye pencil in black or brown and wiggle the product in between your TOP lash line. When attempting this trick, it’s best to have your mirror at a lower angle, so that you can look down while gently lifting your eyelid.
2. Upgrade your lip shade.
Have you been wearing the same hue for years now? Trade in that rosy taupe color that we all naturally gravitate towards, and try something out of your comfort zone. An orangey red or a pink that pops can change your whole look! p.s. You can use your favorite shade as a blush, too.
3. Break out a brightening pencil.
Does wedding planning have you losing sleep? Stress and lack of z's can cause puffiness or redness, but there's a way to fight back. Apply a brightening pencil to the inner and outer corners of each eye and blend for a wide-awake look, or even under the eyebrow to give definition.
4. Opt for cream eyeshadow.
Cream eyeshadows are easy to apply and they do the job quickly when you're rushing to get out the door. When used with your fingers, you can create a beautiful wash of a color on your eyes without even having to pick up a brush.
5. Bail on the black eyeliner.
Try a different colored eyeliner that emphasizes your eye color. Brown eyes will look so on point with brown or purple liner. Green eyes will look gorgeous in brown with gold flecks or an olive green. And baby blues will look the best in blue or grey liner. 
About the author
Kellee Khalil is the Founder & CEO of Loverly. She lives in upstate NY with her fiancé and two dogs.