Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up Free Wedding Website

Your wedding website is where you share ALL the important information about your big day with your nearest and dearest. Here’s everything you need to know about wedding websites!

What Is A Wedding Website?
Wedding websites allow you to share everything from your love story and bridal party picks to that big day accommodation and registry information all in one gorgeous, easy-to-use place. And when it comes time to announce your impending nuptials and ask your guests for their mailing addresses, you can manage it all — including those elusive RSVPs — online. But the best part? These totally customizable websites are all very mobile-friendly, so all your guests can be in the know, even when they’re on the go.
Why You Need a Wedding Website
All the details are in one place

Everything that your guests need to know are all in one place! No need for last minute calls about directions or your registry...everything is on the site!

Everything is organized

Everything is super organized when you set up your wedding registry! From your RSVP list to your pictures, directions and more! It’s all organized in one place!

Your guests will always have this to reference

Anything your guests need to know is all in one place! There’s no risk of losing that piece of paper with the directions on there or figuring out where you registered.

RSVPS, polls, important links (registry, links to venues), directions

Stop with all the paper! Everything you need is on your site--RSVP’s, links, polls, etc!

How Much Does a Wedding Website Cost?

Many wedding websites are totally free but may have limited features. If you want to upgrade it can cost anywhere from $20-100--depending on which company you go with, of course. It’s always best to set a budget for your wedding website before you start, that way you’ll be able to find the best website for you and your budget!

The Best Places to Set Up Your Wedding Website

Want your guests to be excited for your wedding, for real? Make a wedding website. TRUST us. Making a website for your wedding is actually one of the easiest ways for your guests to RSVP. stay organized, check out the pictures, and get all the details for your wedding! Any questions or concerns they have, they can always go back to your wedding website for all the information. We know however that building a website can seem very time consuming and intimidating, especially for some of us who aren't so “tech savvy”. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best and easiest places to do it:


Keep it private

Minted is a great place to build your wedding website for free with hundreds of adorable wedding templates that are super easy to create and match your stationery!

Your one-stop wedding website

Zola is more than just wedding registry, in fact, with Zola, you can choose from over 100 adorable wedding templates. You can easily build your wedding website and connect it to your wedding registry completely for free!
Appy Couple

The mobile app

Looking for a website you can also access on your phone? With Appy Couple, everything is all in one place on the app! Your save the dates, invitations, video cover pages, event scheduling, RSVPs, notifications, photo sharing, travel planning and more is all in one place--making super easy for you and your guests to use!
Here’s What You Need to Put On Your Wedding Website

These days, nearly every engaged couple has awedding website… and for good reason! It’s the easiest way to share info with your guests that’s too long or too complicated to put on your invitations. Plus, as the big day draws near, your website is a great way to keep all of your guests in the loop. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, once you sit down to actuallycreate your wedding website, you may find yourself unsure of which details you should include and which ones you can skip. But don’t worry…we’ve got you covered:

Your wedding’s location

Where to stay and what else to do in town.

The schedule for the wedding weekend.

Read more on what to put your wedding website.Here’s Exactly What You Need to Put on Your Wedding Website

Quick Tips For Setting Up Your Wedding Website
Password protect your website.

You definitely don’t want everyone to see your wedding website (that would practically be an invitation for unwanted party crashers, and what if someone who isn’t invited sees it...yikes!) That’s why it is important to password protect it so that only people that you give the password to access your site and see all your information.

Connect your registry to your wedding website.

When you set up your wedding website, make sure to connect it to your registry! That way everything is easy for guests and all in one place! They can see pictures, RSVP, pick their menu options, get directions, and buy your present all in one place!

Set up your wedding website months in advance.

It is important to set up your wedding website months in advance! That way you have enough time to tell guests about the site and they can get used to visiting it for information before the wedding.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a fantastic way to inform your guests about all the essential details that you can’t include (or don’t have room to include) on your stationery. From the story of how you met, to the big day deets, and where you’re registered, your site will give guests the scoop.

Wedding Template Designs

Also, there are so many more options to choose from when it comes to a digital design...we’re talking thousands and thousands of designs. With actual paper invitations, things like the type of paper, handwritten invitations, and ribbon can really rack up the price. When you go digital, you are sure to get something unique without having to pay extra for a font change or glitter!

Personalizing Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website is where you share ALL the important information about your big day with your nearest and dearest. So you’re going to want to make sure it not only looks good but that it is personal to you! That’s why choosing a customizable websites is the best way to keep it personal, so can decide everything from your colors, fonts, and layouts to ensure it screams Y-O-U!

Customise your URL!

Don’t just go with a generated url with random numbers and letters. Make your URL personalized like: It’s cute and way easier for your guest to remember.

Add photos of yourself!

Whether is old Instagram pics or your engagement photoshoot, adding pictures is a sweet and personal touch to the wedding website.

Add elements of your wedding into the website.

Integrate your wedding colors, songs, and theme into your wedding website. There are so many templates to choose from, so don’t settle with something generic.

Have fun with fonts!

Don’t settle for classic go-to fonts like Times New Roman or Arial! Go with a romantic handwritten or scripted font for a personalized touch.

Add a note to your guests!

Create a page adding a personal note to your guests saying how excited you are and happy for them to be a part of your special day!

Premium Wedding websites

Premium wedding websites are sites that you pay for--however what makes them awesome is that they usually come with free hosting and a vanity url, more design options, additional features like galleries, and customizable RSVPs. With premium, you can unlock tons of amazing features, and it also adds a little something extra to your wedding website--making it chic and a more enjoyable user experience for your guests.

So basically...

Hopefully, we outlined the key elements when it comes to why and how you set up a wedding website (and gave you some nice resources while we were at it). If you have any more questions when it comes to wedding websites, shoot us a DM onInstagramand we’ll be more than happy to answer… #stayloverly