How To Write Your Wedding Vows and More!

Got writer’s block with your wedding vows? Not sure where to even start? Put your pen down and take a breath, our guide will have your guests and your spouse-to-be crying tears of joy in no time.

What Are Wedding Vows?
First things first, what in the world are wedding vows? Why are they necessary? Well, wedding vows have been around for centuries. They vary, much like ceremonies, depending on the cultures and backgrounds of those getting married. But, when it comes down to it, their common use is as a verbal promise that basically solidifies your decision to be partners from that moment on.
Our Ultimate Wedding Vow Checklist

We have eight main points that are bound to get your and your pencil moving in the right direction. And even if not everything makes it into the final draft-- it’s more than enough information for your two-minute spotlight. So, grab your pencil and get to writing...

...their name

Easy, right? Start with what you know. Take some time to just look at their name if you need. This is who you’re writing your vows to. you met/how your relationship started

Where did it all begin? A trip down memory lane might be just what you need to help transform your emotions into words.

...why you love them

It might be difficult to write down-- but try. Start with little things-- like the way they chew their food or the way they hold your hand. And try to make your way to some deeper reasons-- like how they inspire you to go after your dreams. they have affected you/changed you

Have you grown alongside them? Have they inspired you to be your best self?

...unique elements of your relationship

Maybe you’re the only couple you know that doesn’t sleep on the same side of the bed every night or they’re the only person that you’ve found who loves the exact same shows as you...

...what’s in your future together

Do you plan to do lots of travelling? Have you discussed little ones running around? Maybe you both desire to sit on the porch together until the end of your days

...why you’re looking forward to your marriage

What does marrying your specific person mean to you? Why are they the only person you’d be doing this with and writing this for?

...what you promise them

Take some time to think about what you will do for this person and your relationship to keep this commitment.

History Of Wedding Vows

Traditionally, in many cultures, nearlyweds would recite pre-doctrined phrases from sacred texts specific to that culture. It can be a simple, straightforward approach to wedding vows that many still choose to this day. However, one of the more common practices in a lot of English-speaking countries nowadays is for the nearlyweds to write and recite their own vows. And that can come with a world of pressure.

Not everyone can be Maya Angelou. Some of us need help when it comes to creative writing-- especially for something as significant as wedding vows. That’s why we’re here. Let us break it down for you, step-by-step, with our no-nonsense, tear-jerking method for writing wedding vows.

Check this out for more tips on each of the steps in ourultimate wedding vow checklist!

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Some Things To Keep In Mind

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The only people who matter while you’re reciting your vows are you and your partner. Don’t worry about trying to impress your guests or making it a scene at the end of a rom-com. Focus on communicating with the person you love.

They don’t have to be the most flowery or poetic statements out there. All your vows have to be are honest and authentic.

Despite what some sitcoms might have you thinking, wedding vows are not to be rushed. We suggest that you start drafting at least a month prior to your ceremony

Public speaking is not for everyone. If you know this about yourself, schedule some time in the weeks approaching your ceremony to rehearse what you’ve written. Start by reciting it in the mirror, then move on to the members of your wedding party-- don’t be afraid to get some feedback!

It’s possible you could go on and on at the altar on why you’re ready to marry them-- but don’t forget that you have a honeymoon to get to! Two minutes is the average time for wedding vows, so aim around that time frame. Record yourself on your phone to help keep track.

For some more tips, read our article onthings to remember when writing your wedding vows!

Get Inspired

Make a playlist full of love songs to get your lyrical juices flowing

Read some love quotes to see how others have described the concept of love

Seek out the most romantic wedding moments of your favorite television shows and movies. See some of our favorite scenes here!

Ways to Switch It Up

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Some go for a more theatrical approach. Try performing your wedding vows. Make them a song or poem-- or a rap! Check out how this one nearlywed surprised their partner with musical vows !

While it’s great to get your partner completely in their feelings with your unique and original words, you and your partner could write your vows together and recite simultaneously on your big day!

Make it fun! You know you’ve written something good and sentimental when you have your spouse-to-be tearing up at the altar. But don’t forget that it’s also okay to make them laugh. No need to make it your stand-up comedy hour, but including some original jokes can make for some unique wedding vows-- and can take the pressure off of writing something super deep and poetic.

So basically...

So, if you’re still feeling a little stuck on how to write amazing wedding vows, just remember this: it’s only about you and your partner, keep love as the central theme, and keep it original and true to you. Happy writing!