Everything You Need to Know About Popping The Question

A proposal is such a special moment, and when you’re the one proposing or being proposed to, there are key things you need to consider before popping the big question!

What Is A Proposal?
A proposal is an offer or question, but a wedding proposal is when you ask someone to marry you! It is the biggest commitment of your life--and saying yes means you get to spend the rest of your life with someone you love. Some proposals are big, some are small, but they all ask the same question “Will you marry me?”
Do You Need To Have A Ring To Propose?

You don’t necessarily need to have a ring when you propose! In fact, many couples now are getting creative with engagement bracelets or tattoos. The ring is a symbol of your love, so if you’re not looking for the classic big diamond, there’s no “rule” that says you have to.

The Best Way To Propose

The BEST way to propose is to do it in a way that is meaningful and special for you and your partner. Whether it’s spontaneously at home on a Wednesday afternoon, or at the top of the Empire State Building after months of planning---every proposal is both meaningful and unique.

How To Make Your Proposal Memorable

A proposal is such a special moment, and when you’re the one proposing or being proposed to, it can go by really fast. Make the memory last by documenting it! Here are five ways to make sure you don’t forget a minute of how it all goes down:

Hire a photographer.

Pictures are amazing keepsakes because they catch joy and surprise in an intimate moment. Plus, you can use them later for engagement party invites, save-the-dates, your wedding website, and so much more. If you don’t want to splurge on a photographer, you can always kindly ask a talented friend to snap a few pictures in hiding. Or, if your friend is in on the plan, make it seem like a normal picture, then surprise your partner by getting down on one knee.

Catch it on video.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but why not take it to the next level with a video? A video makes sure you capture every word (you’ve been practicing your proposal speech, right?). We’ve heard of plenty of couples who sort of forget all the sweet things their partner say just before popping the question — don’t let that be you! Just like pro photographers, skilled videographers can stay out of the way so your unsuspecting love won’t know the proposal is coming.

Snap a selfie.

Proposals are super personal and intimate, and lots of couples would prefer to be alone — with no photographers or friends and family around to capture the moment. If that’s you, don’t worry! We LOVE proposal selfies and be sure to get both of you in the photo — and the ring!

Save a souvenir.

Whether you get engaged on an exotic vacation, at your favorite local spot or your own backyard, you can remember the special location by saving some memorabilia. While traditional souvenirs — Christmas ornaments, magnets, mugs, even postcards — are absolutely perfect, they might not be available. So get creative! ű

Write it down.

You know how those special moments that you think you’ll remember slowly start to fade away over time? Do not let your proposal be one of them! The day it happens (or the day after) write down everything you can remember — what you said, what your partner said, both of your reactions, what you did right after. It could be a Facebook update, a blog post or just in your personal journal. You’ll cherish your writing years later!

Pro Tip

If you’re the one planning the proposal, don’t let documenting the event be a last-minute thought. And if you’re the one who’s expecting a proposal? Bring your phone and prepare for some selfies!

Conversations You Should Have Before You Propose

Before you propose, there are a few conversations you should have before. Many couples tend to rush into things, but in reality, there are a few important conversations that need to be done. Here is what to discuss:


The conversation that no one likes to talk about (because it seems rude and unromantic) is money! This is so important because the #1 cause for divorce after infidelity is actually finances. Knowing where your partner stand financially is key because financial turmoil can put a huge strain on a relationship.


Do you want kids? Many partners break up after marriage because they never discussed whether or not they wanted kids. If you and your partner do want kids, it is important to discuss how you align when it comes to raising children--religion, education, parenting styles, number of children, etc. And if one partner is adamant on not having children but you are, that is something to really think about and consider.

How you argue

It’s ok to argue, but it’s important to understand how you argue. Having arguments in a relationship is normal and healthy, however, you must analyze patterns when it comes to arguing. Does your partner become aggressive or hostile? Does one partner always have to have the final word or last say? Does your partner apologize? These questions are important because as your marriage progresses, arguments may become more serious. Therefore, it is important to you know how to fight fair.

Your history

Before you decide to spend your life with someone, it is important you understand their personal history and where they come from. You don’t want to go into a relationship with secrets, therefore it is important to unearth if there are any possible childhood experiences or traumas, psychical health, personal history, etc.

Your future goals & ideals

When it comes to spending your future with someone, it is important to see if your futures align. Setting common goals and ideals are important. If your goals and ideals do not align, are they possible to achieve while maintaining your relationship.

Get To Know The Shapes Of Engagement Rings

The center diamond defines the mood and character of an engagement ring. While round diamond engagement rings are consistently the most popular, many other stunning options are available. From the romantic, vintage oval diamond to the elegant Asscher, each shape holds a remarkable and unique appeal.

Round Diamond Rings
Round Diamond Rings

Set the round diamond in a solitaire ring for a simple, elegant look, or pair with a modern halo ring for the ultimate brilliance.

Princess Diamond Rings
Princess Diamond Rings

A blend of classic brilliance and contemporary angles, the princess diamond is a very popular choice for engagement rings.

Cushion Diamond Rings
Cushion Diamond Rings

A stunning hybrid of antique diamond shapes, the cushion shaped diamond is an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings.

Emerald Diamond Rings
Emerald Diamond Rings

With its large table and distinctive step cut pavilion, the emerald shaped diamond is inspired by its namesake gemstone.

Radiant Diamond Rings
Radiant Diamond Rings

A brilliant facet pattern delivers scintillating fire, while its rectangular or square shape creates a distinctive ring style.

Oval Diamond Rings
Oval Diamond Rings

While the oval diamond was developed relatively recently — in the early 1960s — it elicits a soft and vintage charm.

Pro Tip for Finding the Perfect Place to Propose

When it comes to proposal, you don’t want to be make these mistakes! Follow these steps to easily set up the ever-best spot!

The Best Places to Propose

There are so many places to propose! Whether its on a lavish travel getaway or at the place you first met...the best place to propose is somewhere unforgettable! Here are some ideas to help inspire you:
These Are The Most Popular Places to Propose in New York According to Instagram
Top 5 Places to Propose in Europe

List of Top 10 Places to Propose
Central Park
The most popular place to propose in New York City according to IG is…Central Park! I mean no wonder, this location is beautiful during any season. Whether the leaves are golden, the flowers are in full bloom, or snow is falling—Central Park is such a romantic spot to stop and ask the big question.
Brooklyn Bridge
The most gorgeous panoramic view of New York City is definitely at the Brooklyn Bridge. Take your love along for a romantic stroll and when you pop the question, you’ll have the most beautiful backdrop of the city behind—so perfect for pics!
Empire State Building
Ok, so you know that part in Sleepless in Seattle where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meet at the top of the Empire State Building? Yeah we know, tears are streaming down our face too! For the most epic and romantic proposal along with a fantastic view, take your love to the very top of this iconic.
So basically...

There are so many wedding registry resources out there; it may be hard to filter through them all and figure out exactly what you want. That’s why we made this guide, to help give some clarity in all of the madness. Think long and hard with your partner about what it is you two really want to register for and/or receive and decide which registry sites and resources will give you what you need. We hope you get everything you wish for :)