Customize your own event checklist with due dates, personal reminders, and timelines for all your wedding to do’s.
It’s no surprise that your wedding guests are literally what keeps the party going. But knowing who to invite besides close family and friends (i.e. work friends and distant relatives) and to which wedding events could even determine the type of wedding, and usually dictates all the other events leading up to the joyous occasion.
There are plenty of important questions involved in creating your various guest lists, it’s no wonder why many consider this preliminary task the most important one! From organizing addresses for your stationery down to the wedding style itself, your guest list and who you choose to send out those elegant wedding invitations to shouldn't be overlooked, yet is always heartwarming, knowing that all your loved ones will surround you during your vows.
So whether you’re planning a small, intimate event to celebrate your nuptials or want to include everyone you know, managing your wedding invites is just as vital as booking your venue and vendors. It’s also the initial task after your engagement and is typically how you get the entire planning process started.
Besides giving your guests the proper amount of time to take off from work so that they could attend your wedding events (especially for a destination wedding), most venues and vendors want to know an estimated guest count for each event that you book with them. As the date of each of these events approaches you will need to provide an exact guest count otherwise you’ll either fall short or overpay for food or seating as well as other arrangements.
With this in mind, staying on top of everything can get tricky and quickly turn into a mess. We feel you! But how do you stay organized while collecting and updating everybody’s contact info, RSVP status, food preferences, etc. without all the fuss of going to separate spreadsheets for every event?
To save you time and money and to keep you from stressing, the Loverly team has created our very own Guest List Manager tool to help you stay organized and keep track of all your guest’s addresses, phone numbers, food preferences, including more essential functions such as who will be attending which events as well as helping you organize each guest into sections so it’s easier to build your seating charts, confirm RSVP’s, order stationery and more. The best part is that it’s all organized into one convenient place and it's FREE!
Let’s dive in and get a better understanding of our guest list manager!

Building Your Guest List

On our website’s header, select “Planning Tools” and from the drop list choose “Guest List”. From the very start you’ll be asked to answer a few questions such as an estimated guest count; what wedding events are you planning on hosting throughout your wedding journey? (e.g. engagement party, wedding shower, wedding ceremony, wedding reception etc.); and lastly, you are prompted to personalize your link and upload a photo. Of course, all of this can be updated later on so that everything is up-to-date and to your liking.
Set up your personalized link to easily collect your guests' detailed contact information. We recommend uploading a photo from your engagement shoot or another favorite moment. We've also provided some template copy to get you started as well as a customized message to greet your guests!
After this our guest list manager gives you a quick tutorial where you’re able to get a feel for the tool and its various specifications. For instance you can “Add an event” allowing you to manage guests across multiple wedding events.
“Share this link” via text with your contacts to collect their contact information. Once they fill out the form their information is instantly uploaded onto the manager. Afterwards you can easily search for guests by name. We also make it easy to import existing contact info from an Excel spreadsheet so that you have a complete and organized list.
Further customizations include the ability to sort your guests by any detail in your table as well as customizing which details you want to view and deselecting those which aren’t necessary.

Perks Included In Our Guest List Manager

Want to reap all of the benefits of this tool? Here are all the conveniences that truly make our Guest List Manager a life saver for all nearly-wed couples.
Organize by Groups To Easily Create Seating Charts
Once you’ve collected most of your guests' info you can start organizing them by each event. Not only can you add details such as how each guest is related to you (i.e. friend or family), but the tool allows you to select among three tiers for every guest (i.e. A-List, Tier 2, and Tier 3).
When filling out the initial form for each guest don’t forget to add their partner or family name if they are a couple or an entire family when it asks for “Name of on Envelope” that way when you transfer the contact info, no one will feel left out.
RSVP Status
Changing the status of any one of your guests' attendance on any of the events is easy and stress free. Simply type their name in the Manager Tool where it says “Search guests”. Once you find the correct guest, scroll to the right and select which event they have confirmed or regretfully denied. The moment you start receiving status changes you can and should mark them properly so that you don’t forget later on. You can also select multiple guests at once to make changes to their RSVP statuses.
Other Updates Include
There are four additional update options that help make the organizing process that much easier. These updates are “Invite Sent,” “OOT” (Out Of Town), “Thank You Sent,” and “Gift Received” and can be found either in the long form of each individual guest or on the main chart for every event including your main contact book.
Keeping All Your Guests’ Info Organized
As your guests begin RSVPing, they may provide you with essential information such as plus one’s as well as food preferences. Perhaps there are a few guests who can make it to the ceremony, but cannot attend the reception, so you don’t need to have seats or food set out for them. Our Guest List Manager tool is a convenient time-saver that not only keeps you organized, but could even save you money at the end of the day!
Regardless of the size and extent of your wedding, Loverly’s guest list manager tool for wedding planning is a must have. Besides being a convenient, easy to use tool to stay organized while maintaining your guest list, our guest list manager contributes to many other aspects than just your wedding event’s guest list. Remember, once you're done designing your stationery you will need your guests' contact info!
When it’s time for you to send out all those save-the-dates, invitation suites, and Thank You’s, our tool allows you to easily export your complete list with all of its many details into an Excel spreadsheet. The tool’s ability to group guests into different tiers allows you to get a head start on building a cohesive seating chart for every event. 
Don't Waste Any More Time Making SpreadsheetsManage Your Guest List Now
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