6 Ways to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding

Whether she's right there with you deciding on the details, cheering you on from the sidelines (and footing the bill!), or just weeping tears of joy on your big day, your mom's presence at your wedding is likely very important to you. Say thanks and honor your mom at your wedding by incorporating one of these ideas into your special day. Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding Photo by Hermes Rivera 1. Give her a handkerchief embroidered with a special message. Find a poem or passage from a book you read together as a child and have it embroidered on a beautiful vintage handkerchief. Your mom will appreciate it even more when she has it on hand to wipe away her happy tears. 2. Walk down the aisle together. While it may be tradition (for some) to walk down the aisle with dad only, why not include mom in that special moment? After all, they both have to say "goodbye" to their baby girl. 3. Treat her to hair, makeup, and a mani/pedi on the big day. Most brides will spend their wedding morning with their bridesmaids, but including your mom in the getting-ready festivities is a thoughtful gesture. While you're at it, give her a special mimosa toast just before the wedding madness begins. 4. Write a special note for her in your wedding program. Think of all your mother has taught you about life and love, then write that down and print it in your wedding program. Tears are pretty much guaranteed. 5. Dance with her! The mother-son and father-daughter dances don't have to be sex-segregated. Talk to your spouse-to-be about having two dances that include both sets of parents. 6. Wear something of hers. If her dress fits you and suits your tastes, wear it and she'll be overcome with joy (trust us). If the gown isn't an option, borrow a piece of her jewelry, a pair of shoes, or even wrap one of her scarves around your bouquet. Get more tips: 3 Reasons to Have a Friend or Loved One Officiate Your Wedding Bridal Baby Bumps: Maternity Wedding Dresses for Brides, Bridesmaids, & Guests 25 Love Quotes That Are Totally Wedding-Worthy