Graphic & Video Designer

Join the Loverly team! We’re looking for a Graphic & Video Designer to support our Marketing Team across all Loverly's content initiatives.

Graphic & Video Designer
Role Description: 
We are seeking a creative and passionate Graphic & Video Designer to join the Loverly Brand team. This person will be responsible for supporting the team for all graphic design requests relating to brand marketing materials, email, social media platforms, product launches and video content. You will have a hand in all marketing assets and will work closely with the Loverly Brand team across brand marketing and external partnerships. This person should have extensive knowledge designing email and social campaigns and have a clear understanding of what works specifically for each platform. 
The individual in this role should also have an understanding of technical video editing for social media platforms (primarily Instagram and TikTok) and how they are created, produced and edited. The person in this role will not need to necessarily create the original video content but should have experience with editing, cutting or adding graphic elements to specific video clips. They should also understand how to build videos specific to each platform, inclusive of In-feed Videos, Reels, Stories, Ads, Moving banners, etc. The ideal Graphic & Video Designer is super creative with an understanding of storytelling and is comfortable providing recommendations, creative feedback and taking lead in video and graphic creation and design. 
This role is currently remote with future potential to work from our New York or LA offices. This role will report into our VP, Brand Marketing and will work closely with our Brand and Partnership Teams.
  • Collaborate in the development of the Loverly brand voice and esthetic through creative storytelling across marketing assets including but not limited to email, social, and website 
  • Graphic design 
  • Deliver polished edits that illustrate a keen understanding of the Loverly brand, client feedback and what works for each designated platform ( vs. email vs. site)
  • Ability to project manage team requests, creative asset delivery timelines, and content upload across team management tools including Google Drive, Monday, Box, Presentations, etc.
What We’re Looking For: 
  • Extensive knowledge in video and graphic design storytelling from concept through delivery
  • Proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Canva with a keen sense of pacing, style, and design
  • Extensive experience designing digital newsletters within email platforms such as Klayvio or Mailchimp with a strong understanding of email creative with the ability to provide creative solutions and recommendations
  • Experience building marketing assets for individual brand campaigns, emails, pitch decks, and social media platforms 
  • Passion for graphic and video design specifically for ads and social media platforms 
  • The person in this role should have a strong narrative voice and vision and be comfortable providing brand recommendations that fit the Loverly brand and aesthetic 
  • Excellent organization skills and extremely detail oriented with the ability to provide fast creative solutions  
  • A team player who is excited to collaborate with all departments 
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About Loverly:
Loverly is the fastest growing and trusted digital destination for modern couples planning their wedding.  Our inclusive, innovative, and integrated content spans across key wedding planning categories and lifestyle topics that are relevant and important to today’s nearlyweds. 
We engage our audience with the information and resources they need, when they need it, so they can easily and enjoyably plan their wedding.  As an industry leader focused on digital innovation, we provide our audience with real wedding inspiration, expert wedding planning advice, and free wedding planning tools including a personalized wedding planning checklist, wedding guest list manager, and vision boards. 
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